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Slaughtered Grace

After releasing their only album on Cyclopean Music Inc (Jerry Only and Doyle's record company), Sal Bee and Ron Paci went on to form Sardonica, a band that opened for the re-formed Misfits many times.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Guitar Drums
1 1990 Sal Bee Lou Santiago Ron Paci Pete Milewski Paul Milewski

Call This Planet... Slaughtered Grace

  1. Slaughtered Grace | Twins Of Sin | Music For The Dead | I Don't Want Your Millions | Worldwide Suicide | Disability
CD: Mark: MCD-672; Cyclopean Music Inc. (1990)
Producer: Sal Bee.
Lineup: [1]
Notes: Both Jerry Only and Doyle are thanked in the liner notes. This album was later reissued on CD and cassette as Mutant Punk Label releases II and III respectively.

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