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Eerie Von

After moving to Florida, Eerie Von began recording solo material in his home studio.

The Blood And The Body

cover art

  1. An Investment In Hate
    Madonnica Diabolita
    The Sum Of Love
    The Inferno Room
    The Wheel
    The First Hymn
    The Blood And The Body
    A Lover's Knot
    What's The Count Jack?
    Sell My Soul (Maybe I Will)
Format: CD.
Promo: Promo copy includes barcode 12657 10652, but no mention of label.
1st: New Shrowd Publishing: 12657 10652 (July 1998)
Includes lyric sheet insert.
2nd: Cleopatra Records: CLP 0584 (June 15, 1999)
Includes lyrics printed in CD booklet and "legendary member of samhain and danzig" sticker.
Producer: Eerie Von.
Notes: Mary Von provided vocals on "The Inferno Room."

Black Dream No. 13

  1. Cage, Is a Cage...
    Bone Drone
    In the Shade
    2 Tears in a Bucket
    Prelude to Death
    Meet Death
    Bad Dream
    Perfect Criminal
    Velvet Shroud
    Sing, Sinner, Sing!
    Case Study #107/Rec. Room 3A
    Benediction #2
Format: CD
Pressing: Ghastly Records (January 25, 2005)


Darken My Fire: A Gothic Tribute To The Doors

  1. The Spy
Format: CD.
1st: Cleopatra Records: CLP 0782-2 (February 29, 2000)
Various artists compilation album.
2nd: Anagram: CDMGRAG 129 (May 2000)

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