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Glenn Danzig

While still in The Misfits, Glenn Danzig released the Who Killed Marilyn? single in order to release songs that might not otherwise be released by The Misfits. He played all instruments on the single. In 1992, Glenn Danzig released a solo album of classical material. Some of the songs contained on the album were recorded as far back as 1987 at Reel Platinum studio in New Jersey. Glenn Danzig has also made forays into the movie entertainment industry.

Who Killed Marilyn?

cover art
test press

  1. Who Killed Marilyn?
  2. Spook City U.S.A.
Format: 7" Single.
1st: Plan 9: PL1015 (August 5, 1981)
5000 black vinyl copies. Approximately 10 copies have Marilyn's hair colored yellow on the front cover. Approximately 2-4 copies have purple eye shadow colored on the center labels. All other copies have black and white center labels.
Test: 3 black vinyl copies with white "PRI Record Pressing" center labels made for the 2nd pressing.
2nd: Plan 9: PL1015 (August 1983)
25 black and purple swirled vinyl copies. Glenn remembers coloring purple eye shadow on 1 swirled copy, which he gave to Tesco Vee of The Meatmen. This copy is now owned by Jerry Pardue.
500 purple vinyl copies.
Session: [1981 Mix-O-Lydian]
Notes: For the 2nd pressing, Glenn colored purple eye shadow on the center labels of some of the copies. There were 3 test press copies for the 2nd pressing in 1983: one went to Glenn, one went to Steve Zing, and one went to Eerie Von. Glenn later sold his copy to Bleecker Bob's in Los Angeles, where it was purchased by Johnathan Grimm. Eerie's copy, now owned by Elizabeth Bouras, has a black and white copy of the regular sleeve, whereas others have no sleeve. At least one purple vinyl copy was issued missing a center label. There are several bootlegs of this single; please see The Misfits bootleg section.

Black Aria

cover art
back cover

  1. Overture Of The Rebel Angels | Conspiracy Dirge | Battle For Heaven | Retreat And Descent | Dirge Of Defeat | And The Angels Weep
  2. Shifter | The Morrigu | Cwn Anwnn
Format: LP, CD, Cassette.
1st: Caroline: 1704-61911-1/2/4; Plan 9: PL9/11,CD11,CASS11 (September 22, 1992)
2nd: E-magine Music 61013-2; Evilive Records (February 2000)
Sticker: "glenn danzig BLACK ARIA."
Producer: Glenn Danzig.
Lineup: [Glenn Danzig] + Janna Brown and Reneé Rubach (vocals)
Billboard: Classical #1 (supposedly).
Notes: This instrumental album features several songs that originally appeared on Danzig video tape releases. Tracks 1-6 are a six piece movement based on Milton's "Paradise Lost." The cassette version includes the entire album on both sides. CD copies were originally released in longbox package.

Cry For Dawn: The Documentary

  1. Documentary
Format: Video tape.
Pressing: Shatter Glass Pictures: CFD Video (1992)
Notes: This video documentary includes interviews done at various comic book conventions all across the United States in support of the "Cry For Dawn" comic book series. Glenn Danzig is interviewed for about 15 seconds at the August 1991 San Diego, CA comic book convention.

The Prophecy II

  1. Movie
Format: Video tape.
Pressing: Dimension Films (January 20, 1998)
Notes: Glenn Danzig makes a brief appearance in this movie in a fight scene with two angels. He can be seen on the screen for about three minutes. This movie went directly to video and was not released in theaters.


  1. Anime movie pilot
Format: Video tape.
Pressing: Datenshi Prod.; Mad House Studio; Verotik (February 1998)
Notes: This video includes a 3 minute trailer, an interview with Glenn Danzig, other interviews, and a short tour of Mad House Studio, where Satanika was animated. Glenn Danzig worked with respected Japanese animators to bring his Verotik comic character Satanika into the anime market. Glenn Danzig wrote and produced the music featured in the video, with programming by Joseph Bishara and vocals by Jenny Sexluv.

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