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Steve Zing

Steve Zing recorded "One Night With You" (made famous by Elvis Presley) at his home studio in 1984. In 1985, three members of Mourning Noise recorded the Del Shannon song "Runaway" at Reel Platinum studios; this song was released as a Steve Zing solo single.

One Night With You

  1. One Night With You
Format: Cassette.
(No label) (1984)
Notes: This Elvis Presley song was recorded in Steve Zing's bedroom and features Steve on all instruments and vocals.


cover art
back cover

  1. Runaway
  2. Runaway (instrumental)
Format: 7" Single.
1st: Nightlatche (1986)
100 copies.
Producer: Steve Zing.
Session: [1985 Reel Platinum]
Steve Zing Vocals, drums
Chris Marino Bass
Ashley Morance Guitar/Keyboards
Bob Allecca Saxophone
Notes: This very rare Steve Zing solo single is a cover of the Del Shannon song from the 1960s. The song was recorded in the studio at the same time as Mourning Noise was recording two new demo tracks. Chris Marino is actually Chris Morance.

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