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After agreeing to do a song for the Meathouse 1 compilation, Steve Zing, then of Mourning Noise, was asked to play drums for Suburbicide because their drummer had recently left the band. Steve played drums on their song and never worked with them again. Mary and John (bassist and guitarist) were brother and sister. Tommy K, later of Mourning Noise, had been in this band for a short period of time.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
1 1982 Steve Raven-X Mary Tommy K (unknown)
2 1982 Steve Raven-X Mary John Steve Zing

Meathouse 1

cover art

  Song Band
A Split Red The Minutemen
Base King The Minutemen
Prelude The Minutemen
Skateboard J.F.A.
Baja J.F.A.
Out Of School J.F.A.
Don't Look In The Basement Red Scare
Red Rum Red Scare
The Fingers The Scapegoats
I Like The Street The Scapegoats
Underground Zero Mourning Noise
Holy Vision Battalion Of Saints
Witchworld Battalion Of Saints
Hinkley Had A Vision Crucifucks
Think About It Rebel Truth
Hit And Run The Mob
Metalheads Delinquents
Betrayed By You Betrayed
Fight For You Betrayed
Self Oppression Betrayed
B Blight Blight
Be Humble Tar Babies
New Poor Tar Babies
Land Of The Brave Mecht Mensch
Revenge Mecht Mensch
Gov't Lies Mecht Mensch
Money Law & Order
Society Hates You Radical Lee
Mash Radical Lee
La La Radical Lee
Eat The Rich Savage Circle
We Don't Have To Savage Circle
National Socialism Negative Element
No Fun Til I'm 21 Rights Of The Accused
Fugitive Suburbicide
Fewer Words Sacred Order
Clovis Capitol Punishment
Riot On The Rockers Bollocks
Star Whores The End
Who Needs Them? Sin 34
Louie, Louie The Exiled

Version Sound (July 1982)

Notes: This compilation features a very early instrumental Mourning Noise recording, as well as a Suburbicide song with Steve Zing as the guest drummer. An early advertisement claimed that "Noise Records is now working on a second international hardcore compilation entitled Meathouse. It will be a double C60 cassette of up-and-coming bands from the U.S., Canada, and Europe." Instead, Version Sound released Meathouse 1, but never followed it with a sequel. A printing mistake caused The Scapegoats to be listed as a song by Red Scare and the two songs by The Scapegoats to be listed instead as one song ("I Like The Street" by The Fingers).

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