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This New York band (not to be confused with the similarly named bands from Chicago, Texas, and Australia) released a 1977 single called We Got The Music on BRG before putting out one single on Plan 9 Records. They later released another single on BRG called Real Wild Child and eventually recorded two albums. Rick Riley played guitar for The Misfits for two shows after Franché Coma left the band. Riley and Steve Berman went on to join Aces And Eights with Mr. Jim of The Misfits. Before forming The Victims, Rick and Barry had auditioned for a band that Bobby Steele was putting together. The cover of their EP on Plan 9 Records was later used on a bootleg put out by Killed By Death Records.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
1 1976 - 1977 Rick Riley Steve Berman Mike Girao,
Barry "Bee" Ryan
Peter Lendino
2 1977 - 1978 Rick Riley Steve Berman Barry "Bee" Ryan Jim Alexander
3 1978 - 1979 Rick Riley Steve Berman Barry "Bee" Ryan Mark (M.T.) Heart


black cover
red cover
back cover

  1. Annette | I Want Head
  2. Behind The Times | Nervous
Format: 7" EP.
Acetate: 1 copy.

Plan 9: PL1005 (October 31, 1978)
1000 Copies.

Producer: The Victims.
Lineup: [1]
Notes: This EP is available with either a common black and white sleeve or a scarce red and white sleeve. The 4-song 7" acetate (owned by Jerry Pardue) comes with a mockup sleeve and has a different track order.

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