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Voice Of Doom

London May joined this band as drummer for one show during December 1986 and later appeared as the "guest drummer" on their debut 7" EP. The EP was produced by Mike Gutilla, who played the chimes on the first Samhain album.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar/Vocals Drums
1 12//1986 - 03//1987 John Stehl Ricky Blades Frankie Fender London May

Faith Is Torn

  1. What I See | I Am Guilty
  2. Torn Faith | Ride The Whip
Format: 7" EP.
1st: Creepy Crawl Records (1987)
Producer: Voice Of Doom and Mike Gutilla.
Lineup: [1] + John Stehl (instead of London May): Drums (Tracks 1, 4)

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