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Eerie Von / Mike Morance

After Eerie left Danzig, he worked with Mike Morance on an album of horror music.

# Time Vocals/Bass/Keyboards
UNE 1995 - 1996 Eerie Von, Mike Morance

Uneasy Listening

cover art

  1. Cinerarium Waltz | Nightmare | Runnin' Scared | Misery's Drag
  2. The Witches Lament | Half A Gurl (Is Better Than None) | The Dark Sleep | Into The Light
Format: CD, Cassette.
Sticker: "Eerie Von, formerly of Danzig, and Mike Morance have created an album of classically influenced spooky horror soundtrack music."
Promo: Caroline: 1704-67531-2 (June 1, 1996)
1st: Caroline: 1704-67531-2/4 (July 2, 1996)
Producer: Eerie Von and Mike Morance.
Notes: Promo CD copies have a small white strip printed over part of the bar code symbol.


Black Bible

  1. Cinerarium Waltz
Format: 4CD Box Set.
1st: Cleopatra: CLP 0387 October 13, 1998
Producer: Eerie Von and Mike Morance.
Notes: The box set is organized into four CDs. The Eerie Von/Mike Morance song is track 15 disc 4 "Apocrapha." Fahrenheit 451, featuring two former members of The Undead, is also featured on this album with "Cathedral In Ice."

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