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FLIPSIDE #41, Spring 1984


Car comes to life, Car kills people!  Boo!!  Scary!!  The only scary thing
about this is that it has just made Stephen King even Richer than he already
is, thus provoking him to crank out more stupid stories which will be made
into stupider movies that tons of stupid people will pay to see.  Even
Carpenter couldn't save this one.

The Bob Fosse cult film about the life and death of Playmate Dorothy
Stratten.  Mariel Hemmingway is a Dead (yuk! yuk!) Ringer for Stratten
which makes this much more believable tan the T.V. exploitation version
with Jamie Lee Curtis.  This contains stuff you'd never see in a T.V.
version like Nudity, Language and the Murder/Rape scene, only it should
have been more Graphic.  "STAR 80" is the best of the lot this time out,
which isn't saying much.  Too bad there wasn't a film about Marilyn.

Never thought I'd be reviewing a Clint Eastwood flick but it's actually one
of the better films this time out.  Kinda predictable, but Eastwood has
some good one-liners as he tracks down a killer whose victims all have their
balls shot off.  Lots of violence.  Too bad it wasn't rated R instead of PG.

This is the underground rage in N.Y.C. at the moment, playing to sell-out
crowds.  This is more hype than anything, so what's all the fuss about.
It's just an Artsy-Fartsy New Wave piece of pap with a supposedly Chic cast
overacting boredom & disgust for life.  It tries to be about an Alien life
form that feeds off the brain at the moment of experiencing heroin rush or
orgasm.  But the dialogue & special efffects, or the lack of, make this just
another unbelievably terrible movie.  The budget must have been minimal as
the Flying Saucer in this makes the one in "PLAN 9" look like the alien ship
in "Close Encounters."  Even tho' this is R it contains little violence and
not "one" spec of blood.

This "sucks" so bad you can't believe you actually paid to see "CRUD" like
this.  There are no redeeming values in this one whatsoever.