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Time Line

06/23/1955 Glenn Danzig was born in Lodi, NJ.
__/__/1959 The horror movie "The Giant Gila Monster" was released using the same logo lettering used for the Samhain and Danzig logos.
__/__/1961 Al Pike was born in New York, NY.
02/06/1963 Peter "Damien" Marshall was born in Rutherford, NJ.
06/29/1964 Steve Zing was born in Lodi, NJ.
08/25/1964 Eerie Von was born in Lodi, NJ.
02/19/1965 John Christ was born in MD.
07/20/1967 London May was born in Baltimore, MD.
06/__/1973 Glenn Danzig graduated from Lodi High School.
03/__/1981 The Misfits recorded the majority of "Archangel," a song Danzig had written for Dave Vanian of The Damned. Vanian was never able to join them to record the vocals, so the recording was shelved.
08/__/1981 Danzig and Eerie Von met through Doyle of The Misfits. Eerie often served as The Misfits' photographer.
10/31/1981 Danzig and Al Pike met at The Misfits' show at National Ukrainian Home in New York, NY.
02/28/1982 Danzig played Al Pike The Misfits' demo version of "Archangel" before The Misfits' show at 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.
06/__/1982 Eerie Von and Steve Zing graduated from Lodi High School.
__/__/1983 Danzig wrote "The Shift" and "The Howl" while in The Misfits. Danzig has also said that he wrote "All Murder, All Guts, All Fun" and "He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named" while in The Misfits.
03/__/1983 In an interview with "Flesh And Bones", Danzig talked about his plans to do another solo project: "I'm going to work on something new in a few months and this time I'll have a hand in producing, which I didn't have last time... The new record will actually have a band on it - Al [Pike] from Reagan Youth..." This project ended up becoming Samhain.
07/__/1983 The Misfits entered Fox Studio to finish recording and mixing the Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood tracks. Future Samhain member Steve Zing, and producer Spot, were present in the studio. Danzig donated two songs, "Bloodfeast" and "Death Comes Ripping," which he had originally written for Samhain.
08/__/1983 Danzig flew down to Washington, DC to rehearse with Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar of Minor Threat, hoping to form a new super-group called Samhain. They brought in Graham McColluch on bass and Jeff Nelson (also of Minor Threat) to play drums.
08/__/1983 Danzig and Al Pike began re-recording The Misfits' version of "Archangel." At the time, the band was not yet known as Samhain.
09/__/1983 Danzig, Eerie, and Craig Richardson (then known as C.A. Richie of Rosemary's Babies) began rehearsing together as Samhain with Eerie on drums and Craig on guitar.
09/__/1983 Danzig returned to Washington for a second rehearsal with Brian and Lyle, who also brought along Eric Zelsder on drums. Danzig brought Steve Zing. After this second session, Danzig gave up on the super-group idea and Brian, Lyle, Graham, and Eric later joined Tesco Vee in The Meatmen. Al decided not to join Samhain, devoting his time instead to his fanzine, "Straight Edge Magazine."
10/__/1983 Steve Zing officially joined Samhain as the drummer after Danzig and Eerie decided Eerie should switch to bass.
11/__/1983 Samhain began recording songs for the Initium album at Reel Platinum in Lodi, NJ.
01/__/1984 Danzig began teaching Eerie how to play bass and Eerie started overlaying his bass tracks on the songs for Initium. Lyle Preslar came up from Washington, DC to rehearse with the band.
02/__/1984 Lyle came up for three more rehearsals with the band. He laid down lead guitar tracks on "Black Dream," "Macabre," "Horror Biz," and "The Shift." Pete Marshall (who Steve Zing had recently met at Bergen Community College) was at one of those sessions and let Lyle Preslar borrow his Fender Pro Reverb guitar amplifier.
03/31/1984 Samhain's first show took place at The Ritz in New York City. Lyle Preslar played guitar on all songs and Danzig played additional guitar on "Macabre" and "Archangel." This was the last time Lyle was involved with the band. The next Samhain show did not occur until the 2 week mini-tour of the midwest in the fall.
06/23/1984 Mourning Noise, featuring Steve Zing and Pete Marshall, played its final show at The Ritz in New York City, opening for Kraut. By this time, Pete was also a member of Samhain and had been nicknamed "Damien" by Danzig.
07/__/1984 The comic book "Crystar Crystal Warrior #8" was issued, featuring the skull that Danzig used for the Samhain band logo and later the Danzig band logo.
10/__/1984 Samhain entered the studio to record Unholy Passion.
12/02/1984 Samhain did the final show of the second leg of the "Season Of The Dead" tour at the Smart Bar, downstairs from the Hanoi Rocks show at Cabaret Metro. It was a special birthday show for Hanoi Rocks' drummer Razzle, who died a week later. After the show, Steve Zing and Joseph Jay (Samhain's roadie/driver/merchandise man) took the People's Express airplane back to New York City.
06/__/1985 During the summer of 1985, Danzig purchased a Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer. In addition to the keyboards, he used it to generate the chimes, gongs, and other unusual instruments heard on November-Coming-Fire. He also used it later on the first Danzig album.
06/__/1985 London May travelled to New Jersey to audition for Samhain. After being accepted into the band as the new drummer, he returned home to Baltimore to join his previous band The Reptile House for a five week tour. He moved to Lodi the following month and was nicknamed "Lunch Monkey" by the other members of Samhain.
08/__/1985 Samhain finished recording Samhain III November-Coming-Fire.
08/24/1985 Contrary to rumors, no members of Samhain joined Metallica on stage for their cover of "London Dungeon." Metallica's friend Rich Burch sang on this song, although it was later claimed that Danzig was on stage as well.
03/02/1986 At the beginning of the Toronto show, London suffered an asthma attack due to the smoke generated by a fog machine.
03/28/1986 The Samhain set at Caberet Voltaire in Houstin, TX was cancelled after only a few songs.
__/__/1986 Sometime in the spring of 1986, Caroline Records released special colored vinyl editions of The Misfits' Die, Die My Darling and all three Samhain albums.
07/14/1986 Samhain performed for the last time at the New Music Seminar, held at The Ritz in New York, NY. Rick Rubin was in the audience and promised to sign the band to his label, Def American. A few weeks later, Damien was kicked out of the band after Rubin suggested that the band should have a more metallic sound. For the next six months, the band rehearsed in New York City as a three piece, as numerous guitarists auditioned and were refused. James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica often joined them at rehearsals.
08/__/1986 Danzig and Eerie entered Reel Platinum to re-record Misfits songs for upcoming Misfits releases.
09/__/1986 Samhain entered Reel Platinum to record songs for the then-titled Samhain IV album. Several of the songs from this session were re-recorded for the first Danzig album.
01/__/1987 John Christ auditioned for the first time.
02/02/1987 John Christ joined the band after his second audition.
02/__/1987 At one of the few Samhain rehearsals featuring both John Christ and London May, the band recorded "Twist Of Cain," "Trouble," "Possession," and "When Death Had No Name" on a two-track tape. Later this month, Eerie informed London that he was no longer in the band. Rick Rubin, who had promised Danzig that he could have any drummer, had invited Chuck Biscuits to New York to rehearse with the band. Philthy Phil from Motorhead would have been Danzig's other choice, had Chuck not been available.
03/__/1987 In order to avoid a lawsuit over royalty disagreements, Danzig changed the name of the band to Danzig.
06/__/1987 In order to further avoid a legal dispute, Danzig re-recorded and remixed the Unholy Passion EP to remove Damien's guitar tracks from the recording.
__/__/1990 While the band Danzig was recording their second album, Danzig used some studio time to finish some Samhain tracks. Chuck Biscuits of Danzig played drums on one track.
01/01/1995 As part of a lawsuit settlement involving The Misfits, Plan 9 Records, Glenn Danzig, and Caroline Records, all Samhain releases by Caroline Records were discontinued. In 2000, Samhain released a box set on E-magine records, with individual CDs released the following year.
09/__/1999 Glenn Danzig announced that Samhain would reform for a short tour with Danzig in November 1999. Damien was originally scheduled to join the band, but chose to tour with Iggy Pop instead. Danzig's guitarist, Todd Youth, began rehearsing for Samhain shows as many as three months before the tour finally happened.