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FLIPSIDE #44, Fall 1984


MISFITS "Die Die My Darling" (Plan 9 POB 41200 Lodi, NJ 07644)  A bit of
stingy release here, only 3 songs from live recordings.  These are of course
live favorites like "Mommy...", this record is for fans, for others check out
the Misfits excellent lp's. [Al]

SAM HAIN "Initium" (Plan 9 POB 41200 Lodi NJ 07644) If you were a fan of
"Walk Among Us" Misfits then this is for you.  No thrash horror like on
"Earth AD" just slower, packed with more evil and tortuously great power
punk from the head misfit and two new warlocks. [Actually not new to the
scene].  The songs all keep in the "horror" motif as like the Misfits did
but this new band seems to be full of a more honest vigor.


Guitarist Nick is also in a new band called The Brown Sound with ace artist
Bad Otis, drummer extraordinaire Chuck Biscuits and wouldn't you know I'd
forget who else.