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   Glenn Danzig Reunites Samhain For Tour, Box Set
      Most people recall the Misfits, Glenn Danzig's precursor to
   his namesake band, but remember Samhain? The post- Misfits, pre-
   Danzig band on Caroline Records? Well, Danzig is planning a Samhain
   reunion tour and box set for later this year.
      Acting as guest DJ on a Los Angeles pirate radio station Tuesday
   (June 16) night, Danzig confirmed that the original members of Samhain
   will reunite for about eight to 10 shows in the U.S. A box set,
   featuring previously released Samhain material as well as some
   previously unreleased live tracks, is also in the works.
      According to a spokesperson at Danzig's Verotik publishing company,
   the box set will likely feature five CDs and a live video. A label
   hasn't been secured for the project yet, as Danzig is label- less
   after parting ways with Hollywood Records a while back. The mini-tour
   will coincide with the not- yet- determined release of the box set.
      Meanwhile, Danzig is working on a new album as well, and will hit
   some European festivals with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and Rammstein
   this summer.
                                                        -Carrie Borzillo