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FLIPSIDE #52, p.39, Summer 1987

UNDEAD 'Never Say Die' Cassette
I think there might be a clue here in the name of the record label, in
other words I'm not sure if the band still exists actively - I'm almost
positive that some of these songs are reprinted off older releases, all
the liner notes say that they are c & p 1986.  At any rate the Undead
were an early Sid look a like Bay Area band whose main man transplanted to
New Jersey, I think there's a Misfit connection with this Bobby Steele
dude but I can't remember, but regardless of history the cuts on this
tape (which is also a mini-album with one less cut) are in a Misfits
pre-Hardcore vein and the Sid ghosts still lurks as well, quite good
stuff that is a must for punk completists.  Ramones fans enter here.

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