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Bootleg Discography

A bootleg is an illegal recording of an artist's work done without the artist's permission. It is illegal to sell a bootleg in the United States, although it is not illegal to buy one. Since it is easier to manufacture and sell bootlegs in Europe, many bootlegs come into the U.S. cleverly labeled as imports. The artist gets no money from the sale of a bootleg.

    BG-1008-1                                              1994

    1  We Don't Want The Poor In New York City | American Dream
    2  Slave To Fashion | R.A.T.T. F.I.N.K.

  Format:    7" EP.
  Live:      [10] (4/8/89 at Pipeline; Newark, NJ)
                  + Tim Taylor (instead of Bobby Steele): Vocals (Track 2)