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HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? by Eddie Migraine

     How did this happen?
     I met Bobby Steele in 1995 at the Sloppypalooza punk festival.  I was
leery about going up to speak to him because of the rumors and interviews
I had read by The Misfits saying nasty things about Bobby Steele once he
was no longer their guitarist.  I expected him to be a complete dickhead.
Nothing could be further from the truth.  He is probably the most genuine,
unpretentious person I've met since The Migraines began.  That day, he gave
me his phone number and made me promise not to give it out to anyone (I still
haven't) so I could call him up to set up a small tour for The Undead.
     I waited two months because I really didn't think that an ex-member of
one of the most important punk rock bands in history would really give a
shit about talking to a guy that plays in some little ol' punk band from
Indiana.  I was wrong.  Bobby and I talked for nearly two hours on my first
phone call!  We both called each other a lot, spent hundreds of dollars on
phone bills, and became great friends in the process.  I even know his real
name, but I'm not telling.
     We decided that it would be fun to get Bobby the fuck out of New York
City for a week or so and bring him to the Midwest for a couple of shows
with The Migraines backing him up.  I thought the best time would be in
August, especially since the shows were to be booked right before my
birthday and Bobby could kina hang out and celebrate with me.  Also, we could
do a live "IN CONCERT" t ype recording in Ft. Wayne!  All the plans were made
and the date was set for Bobby to come out and begin the rehearsals for the
     Meanwhile, The Migraines recorded "Juvenilia", which is to be released
on Onefoot Records.  Then we began rehearsing for our first tour as an actual
signed act.  We left for the tour in the middle of July and returned
unscathed at the beginning of August.  It was a short tour but, we returned
with a lifetime of experiences.
     Now it was time to begin rehearsals for the shows with Bobby Steele.
We rehearsed one day without Bobby and then a couple of days later he joined
us.  After we rehearsed for two days, we were ready to kick in someone's
stupid head (musically) at the first show.  Well...
     The first show got canelled.  It was in Detroit and was promoted by a
rael loser who booked shows, but had no idea how to promote them.  We had
three shows booked, so losing one show was a real kick in the nuts.  The
second show was at the Fallout Shelter in Grand Rapids, MI.  Really cool
place.  Don't look for it, it's cloased because some fucknuts decided that
The Fallout wasn't "punk" enough, so they began to boycott shows the week
of our show and threaten others into avoiding The Fallout.  Needless to say,
only about 10 people showed up to teh show.  Good thing too, 'cuz we sucked
fat ass!
     The third show was in Ft. Wayne at The Sunset Hall.  This was the day
we were going to record live with an ex-Misfit and punk legend.  Having
blown chunks the night before, recording live seemed like might not pan out.
     It didn't pan out because the sound company that was supposed to do the
recording (which I will refrain from naming, but come up and ask me and I'll
tell you!) didn't bother to show up.  It's a real shame,too 'cuz not only
was that the only chance we would have to do this live recording, but we
absolutely beyond the shadow of doubt kicked mighty ass!!!  I was really
stoked becuase everyone played great.
     Then Bobby asked, "What are we gonna do at the Studio tomorrow?"
     My reply was, "Oh shit, I dunno."
     "Being that we already had the studio time at Sonic Iguana booked to mix
the live recording, the only solution was to write something that night!
     My friend, Steve Keesler and I had drank a whole lotta beer after the
show and we were both really buttered.
     I slurred, "Hey! I go' ah nidee ya!  Lez go beck to mah houze and wrida
zong to rahcord tamorrah!"
     We got to my house around 3:30 a.m.  Bobby had gotten next to no sleep
since arriving in Ft. Wayne and went right to bed.  Fucker.  Steve and I
in our drunken delirium, decided to write a horror movie type theme song.
Steve had a book of horror films in his car.  I opened the book and the first
movie I came to was, "The Night Has Eyes".
     Neither of us had heard of the movie, so we thought it was perfect to
write a song about it.  So, in drunken delirium we did!
     The next morning a fully rested Bobby Steele (that fucker!) reworked the
song structure and came up with the instrumental part of the bridge.  We
spent all day and night recording and mixing "The Night Has Eyes" and a cover
of The Undead's "When The Evening Comes".  That was August 12th, 1996.
     On  March 23, 1997 we toured again and played where the Ramones got
their start, CBGB's in New York City for the first time!  We even made a live
recording.  Bobby lives not too far from CB's, so he came down to sing a
couple Undead tunes.  "Riot In Thomkins Square" ended up on this 7",
featuring Bobby on vocals.
     On June 29, 1997 we finally made it back to Sonic Iguana with Jeff
Hansell to record the final song for this record.
     I had seen an episode of "Sightings" in the spring '97 and got freaked
out at the notion of the so called "men in black".  So, not having any idea
that a movie by the same title was to be released the summer of '97, I wrote
a song about it.  Coincidence?  Psycho connection?  I'd call it dumb fucking
     I've heard so many lies about my friend over the past few years and all
I can say is this: if you ever see Bobby, walk up and talk to him, he's a
great guy with lotsa great stories.
     Don't believe everything you read.  Most of it is just pure garbage.
And don't believe all the vicious rumors you hear.  Some of us are nice guys!