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        Here is the interview I did with Bobby a couple months ago, the
magazine is on its way, but I figured, fuck it..  so here is the interview.  

DK: You are looking for new band members for the undead now right? 

Bobby: Unfortunately, Yeah. I'm looking for a certain personality and
attitude that, maybe, doesn't exist. I need people who are willing to put up
with some of my ideosynchrasies. I'm a pretty erratic guy, and I admit, I'm
not the easiest person to work. But I don't expect more from others - than I
do from myself. I want to expand on the HORROR / FANTASY / SEX image. It's a
bit different from the MISFITS, but I'm striving for that kind of quality. 

DK: When you get a band together, are you going to be going on a tour?

Bobby: I hope so. I've got the BAD BRAINS manager handling things for me
now, so for the first time, I'm being taken more seriously by the industry.
He'll be able to get me a good booking agent, and if I have my way, we'll be
touring over the summer - unless we get a record deal and have to start
recording first.

DK: Is there ever going to be an official Undead fan club?

Bobby: Eventually. But I want it to be right. I have a mailing list right
now, but as for a fan club...until I can be sure that we can really give our
fans something - rather than just having them do a lot of our 'footwork' for
us - I won't waste people's time and money.

DK: Your ex-manager, Jon Michaels came on the IRC  last
night, are you planning to do so sometime in the near future?

Bobby: I want someone to show me how to do it. I'll go on with the remaining
time I have on this sample during the last week. I just need some step by
step instruction. Someone should write an "IRC FOR DUMMIES" manual for me.

DK: Is there still a grudge between you and the ex and current members of
the Misfits?  From the pictures I have seen, you and jerry looked pretty
chummy at the chiller convention.

Bobby: Until I get the money situation cleared, I'll hold a grudge. Once we
can clear that, and all the character assassination, up; I'll be happy. At
the CHILLER convention; I went in there hoping that Jerry would be cool, and
tell me "I'll send you a check and a copy of all the paper work", but as
soon as he said "you'll get paid after we recoup the advance" those hopes
ended. By 'recouping the advance" it meant that I wouldn't get paid for all
the Cd's that they need to sell in order to pay back CAROLINE whatever money
the gave Jerry up front, which Jerry told me was $650,000.00; although his
manager is now saying wasn't an advance. CAROLINE said they paid a sizable
advance, and Jerry assured them that he would contact me and pay me my
share. Jerry said it was 650 grand, and now his manager says there was no
advance. See how confusing this gets?

DK: You have mentioned that you are crippled, what exactly is wrong?

Bobby: I was born with SPINA BIFIDA. It's a condition where your spinal cord
is exposed. It's 95% fatal and most survivors can never even walk. I was
lucky. I think it's part of the reason for my 'attitude'. Other people that
I know of that had this birth defect have a similar attitude. They turned
out even better than me! JOHN MELLENCAMP and AXL ROSE. I met AXL once, and
he's really a nice guy, just really fucked in the head. I think what happens
is that, when you have to start fighting to survive, from birth, you just
learn to fight for everything in life. You get stubborn - and you never
quit. This comes across as arrogance, but...hey.

DK: What equipment do you use 

Bobby: I'm using a Fender Twin Reverb (with the reverb removed) two Strats,
and THE PAUL on stage right now. When things get moving again, I'll be using
either my Marshall, or Ampeg V-4. In the studio, I use Vintage stuff; like a
'62 FIREBIRD, a '69 Les Paul Custom and my Marshall.

DK: Is Times Square going to be touring?

Bobby: Probably not for a while. Dave Ari, our drummer, just started working
as a lawyer, and his hours are horrendous. We can only play on weekends.
Maybe once he gets more established at the firm, he'll be able to do more.
Of course, if we get a record deal - things could change.

DK: People have been asking me alot about where to find Undead records,
would the best place to get them be straight from Post Mortem?

Bobby: Right now, yeah. Write to POST MORTEM RECORDS
                                 PO BOX 358
                                 NEW MILFORD, NJ 07646

DK: Everything you've done for the last few years musicwise has been DIY,
right? Do you think this is the best way to do things, that way you cant get
dicked by record companies?

Bobby: Not totally. LIVE SLAYER and THE INVISIBLE MAN came out on SCREAMIN
SKULL/SKYCLAD, but they dicked me. I don't know how many copies that sold,
but I get mail from all over the world on it(LS). I prefer doing the DIY
thing, but for now, I have to go with other labels until I have money. If I
was to sign with a bigger label, I'd want a good amount of money up front -
and total artistic control.

DK: What is your favorite Undead/Misfits song?

Bobby: I hate that question. It depends on my mood. Right now, it's SPOOK

DK: What do you think of the new Misfits boxed set and Collection II?

Bobby: Collection II was a bit of a dissapointment. The artwork and
packaging. Not up to par with what the MISFITS stand for. It was good to
finally see some of the lyrics, though. The BOX SET is nothing short of
amazing! I got 4 copies for myself.

DK: Is it true that the Misfits were yelling at you on Evilive?  

Bobby: I don't know. We were fucking with each other at that show. They were
throwing shit at THE UNDEAD when we were on, but when I started throwing
shit at them they didn't like it. I've never heard that record. Is that
TEENAGERS FROM MARS on there, too?

DK: If Jerry asked the Undead to play with the Misfits, would you do it?

Bobby: I won't even consider it, until he settles the current situation. I doubt
that he'll ever really want THE UNDEAD or TIMES SQUARE to open for THE
MISFITS. From my experiences with him I find it unlikely.

DK: Can we be expecting any material from the Undead / Times Square in the
next year?  

Bobby: TIMES SQUARE has an EP coming out on POGO PUNK RECORDS. It oughta be
out in May. We're working on all the pre-release shit now. I'm hoping that
CAROLINE will make an offer on the next UNDEAD LP - considering how much
money they've made off my ass in the past.

DK: Thanks for the interview, i will send you a copy of the zine when its out...

Bobby: Ya Better.  Keep in touch.

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