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[E-mail interview with]

>1. How did the Undead start? What Was the 1st lineup?

As THE UNDEAD, we started in November 1980. That line-up was NATZ on
bass, and Patrick Blanck on drums. Before that I called the band THE
SKABS, and it had Richie Matalian on drums instead of Patrick. It was a
band that I basically jammed with on weekends that THE MISFITS weren't
doing anything.

>2.Why didn't you sue Glenn and Jerry for royalies on HALLOWEEN and 

Those records sold about 3,000 copies each. My share of royalties
would've been about $30.00. It's not worth it to pay someone $300.00/hr
to get it.

>3. Did you know there was another band called the UNdead?

Yeah. We did a show together in '82. 

>4.Are you in a side project right now?

I have 2 side bands, TIMES SQUARE and ZERO PROPHETS.

>5. How would you decribe the Undead?


>6. What's your favorite food?

Thai food and Asian girls.

>7. How many Misfits shows have you been to since you've been in the 

Maybe 4 or 5

>8. Were you and Glenn best friends once upon a time?

Well... I wouldn't say we were BEST friends, but we were friends.

>9.What is the 1st song you ever wrote?

I can't remember. That was a long time ago. 

>10. Boxers or Briefs?

Hang free !