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"For the past 15 years Bobby Steele has been milking the term "ex-Misfit".
Never mind the fact that he only played on one 7" and has yet to do much
anything else besides remind everyone that he used to be in the same band
as Glenn Danzig.  With this new release he continues to wallow in mediocrity
accompanied by a really horrible sounding drum machine and lackluster
songwriting.  Not that the music is bad, but he hits every standard cliche
and chord progession that has been used over and over again.  Some songs
have that glimmer of spooky punk, but most of it just sounds like hard rock
with painful solos.  If he would've cut a majority of the songs he could have
put out a cool 7" (maybe 3-4 songs) but this disc just testifies that maybe
the Undead would be better off with a bullet to the brain and finally laid 
to rest."

-Reid Fleming