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Active Ingredients

Mike Maytag (also known as Mike or Ashley Morance) later went on to work with Mourning Noise, Steve Zing, and Eerie Von. Ed E. Enzyme went on to drum for The Undead. Chris Morance (later of Mourning Noise and Chyna) and Post Mortem (later of Rosemary's Babies) were roadies for this band at both of their shows.

# Time Vocals/Guitar/Bass Bass/Guitar Keyboards Drums
1 1980 - 1982 Mike Maytag Franché Coma Paul Zot Ed E. Enzyme
    Active Records: FRS 018                                June 1980
    1  Laundramat-Loverboy
    2  Identity Loss

  Format:    7" Single.
  Pressing:  250 copies.
  Lineup:    [1]
  Notes:     This was released the same day as HYPER EXAGGERATION.  The
             sleeve was designed by Chris Moorhead (also known as Chris
             Draphobia), Mike Maytag's brother.  Franché played guitar on
             "Laundramat-Loverboy" and Mike played bass.  Mike played guitar
             on "Identity Loss" and Franché played bass.
    Active Records: FRS 019                                June 1980
    1  Hyper Exaggeration
    2  Bird On Fire

  Format:    7" Single.
  Pressing:  250 copies.
  Lineup:    [1]
  Notes:     The record sleeve was designed by Chris Draphobia, Mike Maytag's
             brother.  Mike played guitar on both songs and Franché played 

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