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Glenn Danzig And The Power And Fury Orchestra

Soon after signing with Rick Rubin's Def American label, Rubin asked Glenn Danzig to do a song for the Less Than Zero soundtrack. According to Eerie Von, "You & Me" was based on the song "To Sir With Love." It was the first time the Danzig lineup had recorded a song together and Eerie didn't like the way Rubin wanted the bass played. He gave the bass to George Drakoulias, who later produced the first Black Crowes album. The rest of the musicians featured on the song were paid session musicians.

# Time Vocals/Keyboards Bass Guitar Drums/Tambourine
1 04//1987 Glenn Danzig George Drakoulias John Christ Chuck Biscuits

Less Than Zero

cover art

  1. Life Fades Away
    You & Me (Less Than Zero)
Format: LP, CD, Cassette.
Promo: LP copy includes track listing and promotional gold stamp on back cover.
1st: Def Jam/Columbia: 7464 44042-1/2/4 (June 1987)
Released in US.
2nd: CBS/Def Jam Recordings: 460449-1/2/4 (June 1987)
Reissued in UK.
3rd: Columbia/Polygram: 314 527 360-2/4 (1995)
CD and cassette reissued in US.
Producer: Rick Rubin.
Lineup: [Roy Orbison] ("Life Fades Away")
[Glenn Danzig And The Power And Fury Orchestra] ("You & Me")
Notes: The soundtrack album incorrectly lists Glenn's first name as "Glen". It features the only credited songs that Glenn Danzig has co-written. "Life Fades Away" is credited to (Glenn Danzig, Roy Orbison), and "You & Me" is credited to (Glenn Danzig, Rick Rubin).

Are You My Woman?

front cover
back cover
vinyl side 1
vinyl side 2

  1. Are You My Woman?
  2. You & Me (Less Than Zero)
12" CBS/Def Jam Recordings: 651334 6 (1987)
7" CBS/Def Jam Recordings: 651334 7 (1987)
Producer: Rick Rubin.
Lineup: [Glenn Danzig And The Power And Fury Orchestra] (side 2)
[The Black Flames] (side 1)
Notes: This single was released in the UK.

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