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Letch Patrol

Pete Marshall played guitar and bass for Letch Patrol at different times. Over the years, this band had several different lineups. Letch Patrol released their first single Love Is Blind in 1988 before Pete joined.

# Time Vocals Bass/Guitar Guitar Drums
1 1990 - 1991 Harris Pankin Pete Marshall John Rinaldi Chuck Clearwater
    Reachout International Records: ROIR                   1990

    1  Tuning
    2  Tuning

  Format:    Cassette, Video tape.
  Pressing:  Various artists compilation.
  Lineup:    [1]
  Notes:     The song "Tuning" is featured at the end of both sides of the
             cassette release, along with a recording of the band tuning up.
             In the video, the band plays along to a song played over the PA.
    Vital Music                                            1991

    1  Saturday Night
    2  Bloodbath

  Format:    7" Single.
  Pressing:  5000 copies.
  Producer:  Chris Spedding.
  Lineup:    [1] + Carla Rey: Background vocals (Track 2)
                 + Mr. Lucky: Bass              (Track 1)
  Notes:     The song "Saturday Night" was originally recorded by the Bay 
             City Rollers.  Pete Marshall played bass on "Bloodbath," but
             John "Chicken" Rinaldi, unhappy with Pete's style, had Mr. Lucky
             play bass on "Saturday Night."
    (No label)                                             1991

    1  Ode To Fred
    2  Better Things | Motorcycles

  Format:    7" EP.
  Pressing:  5000 copies.
  Lineup:    [1]              (Side 1)
             [Youth Gone Mad] (Side 2)
  Notes:     Pete Marshall played bass on "Ode To Fred," which was recorded
             during the same recording session as the BLOODBATH 7" tracks.
             Letch Patrol later did a west coast tour with Youth Gone Mad.

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