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Pete "Damien" Marshall

Pete Marshall

Pete Marshall, born 02/06/1963, joined Samhain shortly before Initium was released to play guitar on the "Season Of The Dead" tour. He had also played for Humpty Keg, Genocide, The Whorelords, and Mourning Noise. After the last Samhain show in July 1986, Pete left the band, and went on to play guitar with Brain Eaters, Ditch Witch, Letch Patrol, Man Size Habit, and Iggy Pop. In 1995 he auditioned for G.G. Allin's band, the Murder Junkies.

1984: Kramer "Gene Simmons" Axe guitar, Fender Pro Reverb amplifier, fuzzbox pedal, flanger pedal.
1985 - 1986: Kramer "Gene Simmons" Axe guitar, Gibson "The SG" guitar, Ibanez Iceman guitar (used on November-Coming-Fire), Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitar (used on November-Coming-Fire), Peavey Decade amplifier, fuzzbox pedal, flanger pedal, digital delay pedal.

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