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Iggy Pop

Pete Marshall was working as the band's guitar tech when the previous lead guitarist announced he wouldn't be able to make the next tour. Iggy asked Pete to be the guitarist for the "R.O.A.R. Tour" of 1996-1997. Lloyd "Mooseman" Roberts was killed before Beat 'Em Up was released. Pete played bass on that album's supporting tour.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Lead Guitar Drums
1 02//1996 - 1999 Iggy Pop Hal Cragin Whitey Kirst Pete Marshall Larry Mullins
2 2000 Iggy Pop Lloyd Roberts Whitey Kirst Pete Marshall Alex Kirst
3 2001 Iggy Pop Peter Marshall Whitey Kirst   Alex Kirst

Avenue B

  1. No Shit Nazi | Girlfriend | Avenue B | Miss Argentina | Afraid to Get Close | Shakin' All Over | Long Distance | Corruption | She Called Me Daddy | I Felt the Luxury | Espanol | Motorcycles | Facade
CD Virgin Records (September 21, 1999)
Producer: Don Was.
Lineup: [1]
Notes: The jazz trio Medeski, Martin, And Wood provides jazz instrumentation on tracks 3, 10-11. Iggy plays keyboard and provides additional guitar on several tracks.

Beat 'Em Up

  1. Mask | L.O.S.T. | Howl | Football | Savior | Beat 'Em Up | Talking Snake | Jerk | Death Is Certain | Go For The Throat | Weasels | Drink New Blood | It's All Shit | Ugliness | V.I.P.
CD Virgin Records (July 2001)
Producer: Iggy Pop.
Lineup: [2]

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