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The Whorelords

Bobby Snotz formed this band in 1978 with Tarik Schapli. Because Tarik hadn't been playing guitar for long, Barry (and later Bobby Steele) joined the band as second guitarist. The Whorelords performed live several times while Bobby Steele was in the band; he left when he was asked to join The Misfits. Along with The Whorelords came a group of Whorettes (Charlotte Harlotte, Diedre, Carry Hamilton, and Rachel Rage) who did background vocals. Some members of The Whorelords went on to form Hell Sent, who opened for The Misfits in September 1979. A Whorelords reunion show took place that weekend when Bobby Snotz showed up and replaced Hell Sent's singer Kate K-Mart to perform a set of Whorelords songs. After spending a few years in jail, Snotz reformed the band in 1982. At some point during this time, they recorded a demo tape (with Pete Marshall on guitar) that has never been released. Bobby Snotz and Tarik also recorded as The Fiends on the New York Thrash compilation. Snotz was beaten to death in 1992.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
1 1978 - 09//1978 Bobby Snotz Tom Giacinto Tarik Shapli,
Greg Barrington
2 10//1978 Bobby Snotz Tom Giacinto Tarik Shapli,
Bobby Steele
Greg Barrington
3 11//1978 - 08//1979 Bobby Snotz Roy Christopher Tarik Shapli Greg Barrington
4a 1982 - 1983 Bobby Snotz Mike "Waldo" DeSena Pete Marshall Joey Image
4b 1982 - 1983 Bobby Snotz Tom Fergus Pete Marshall Joey Image

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