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Song And Name Information

1969 This song, written by Ron Asheton, Dave Alexander, James Osterberg, and Scott Asheton (collectively credited as The Stooges), originally appeared on The Stooges' 1969 album, The Stooges. It was recorded in 1997 by Joey Ramone (with Jerry Only on bass, Dr. Chud on drums, and Ramones/Misfits producer Daniel Rey on guitar) for We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute.
Abominable Dr. Phibes Recorded in 1996, this song was based on the horror movie of the same name. Please see "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" for more information.
American Psycho This song is based on the similarly named book by Brett Easton Ellis.
Animal Room This movie was filmed in November 1995 and featured The Misfits performing live in one scene. Although not released until 2000, it was shown at film festivals in Europe during the spring of 1997.
Big Fat Lady This joke song was written on the tour bus in September 1998 and performed live several times.
Blitzkrieg Bop This Ramones song was covered live in 1997 when The Misfits toured with Marky Ramone.
Crawling Eye This song was originally known as "It." The lyrics are based on the 1958 movie "The Trollenberg Terror," also titled "The Crawling Eye" in the United States.
Creepy Church This instrumental music, written and recorded by Dr. Chud, was played as introductory music during the 1998 tour. It features part of the music to "Blue Skin," another song by Dr. Chud.
Crimson Ghost Inspired by the 12-part series from 1946, The Misfits used the Crimson Ghost on most of their albums and flyers, and even recorded a song with this title for American Psycho. "The Crimson Ghost" series was released as a black and white 2-video set, as well as a single video edited movie called "Cyclotrode X." It was also released as a colorized movie called "The Crimson Ghost" in 1990.
Cyclopian Music All songs released by The Misfits after 1995 were published by Cyclopian Music, Inc.
Descending Angel This 1999 song features parts of the Kryst The Conqueror song, "Spellbound."
Dr. Chud Dr. Chud took his name from the 1984 horror movie "C.H.U.D." about cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers. Dr. Chud, the cannibalistic humanoid underground drummer, joined the band in 1995.
Dr. Phibes Rises Again Based on the 1972 horror movies of the same name, this song was originally recorded by Kryst The Conqueror for their full length LP. It was later performed by The Misfits during several soundchecks and recorded in the studio in May 1996. A Kryst The Conqueror demo version of this song, featuring The Murp on drums and Jeff Scott Soto on vocals, was used in a scene of the movie "Animal Room" with Michale Graves lip-synching the lyrics. The Misfits also filmed a video for this song for their horror movie series using an instrumental Kryst The Conqueror demo version, with a new Michale Graves vocal track. The Misfits re-recorded the beginning of this song and named it "Abominable Dr. Phibes" in 1996.
Evil Live II In 1998, The Misfits released Evil Live II, the follow-up release to 1982's Evilive.
Hate The Living, Love The Dead This 1996 song is based on the 1935 horror movie "The Bride Of Frankenstein."
Helena This 1999 song is based on the 1994 movie "Boxing Helena."
I Got A Right "I Got A Right" was written by Iggy Pop and James Williamson and recorded in July 1972 by Iggy And The Stooges during the Raw Power recording session. Although the recording was not released until 1977, the band performed the song live many times during the 1970s. The Misfits also performed the song live in the late 1970s, and supposedly recorded a studio version during the Earth A.D. recording sessions. The recording is first mentioned in an issue of "Thrasher" from 1986. According to Jerry Only, however, they didn't record ths song until 1997, when it appeared on We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute. For unknown reasons, James Williamson and Siamese Music publishing were credited on the original recording, but not the tribute album.
I Wanna Be A NY Ranger This song was written by John Cafiero during the summer of 1998 and recorded by the band, with Cafiero on vocals instead of Michale Graves, for a NY Ranger hockey commercial. This version is available on the I Wanna Be A NY Ranger promotional CD single. The track was later re-recorded with Michale Graves as "NY Ranger" for the Short Music For Short People compilation.
Kong At The Gates This instrumental was originally the beginning section of the song "Kryst The Conqueror" by Kryst The Conqueror. "Kong Unleashed" is a truncated version of "Kong At The Gates." In Fall 1999, "Kong At The Gates" was used by WCW wrestler Vampiro as his entrance music; Jerry Only later became Vampiro's tag-team partner.
Lost In Space The lyrics to this 1999 song were inspired by the 1998 movie version of "Lost In Space."
Mars Attacks This 1996 song is based on the "Mars Attacks" trading cards distributed by Topps. Upon hearing that "Mars Attacks" was being made into a movie, Jerry Only wrote this song and sent a copy to Tim Burton (the movie's producer/director) to be used on the soundtrack. Burton received the song too late into the production of the movie to use the song.
Monster Mash Written by Bobby Pickett and Leonard Capizzi, and performed by Bobby "Boris" Pickett And The Crypt Kickers in 1973, this Halloween favorite was recorded (but never released) by The Misfits in 1996, and performed live several times. A live version was later released as an Internet-only single, followed by the Monster Mash 7".
NY Ranger Please see "I Wanna Be A NY Ranger" entry.
Pumpkin Head Based on the 1988 horror movie "Pumpkinhead," this song appeared on Famous Monsters.
Scream! "Scream!" was written soon after The Misfits learned of plans to release the movie "Scream II." Like "Mars Attacks," it was submitted to the producers of the movie for inclusion on the soundtrack, but not used.
Shining This 1996 song is based on the "Poltergeist" horror movie series.
This Island Earth The name of this 1996 song was taken from the 1954 science fiction movie of the same name. The movie was also known as "War Of The Planets."
Them Based on the 1954 monster movie classic "Them!," this song appeared on Famous Monsters.
Walk Among Us The title of this American Psycho song may have come from the 1956 horror movie "The Creature Walks Among Us."
Other Song Titles During 1996, The Misfits wrote and/or recorded demos for a large number of songs that will never be released. They include "Talons Of Steel" and "The Creeps" written by Doyle, "Till It's Gone," "Ghost Riders," "No Guts, No Glory," "Black Moon Risin'," "Army Of The Dead," and "The Dead Lie Of Air" written by Jerry, "The Enemy" and "Hellraiser" written by Michale and Jerry, "Blue Skin" and "Spider Baby" (also known as "Angel Baby") written by Dr. Chud, "Pledge Of Vengeance" written by Dr. Chud and Doyle, and "The Path I Walk Is Thorny."