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Time Line

__/__/1955 Robo was born in Cali, Colombia.
06/23/1955 Glenn Danzig was born in Lodi, NJ.
04/21/1959 Jerry Only was born in Lodi, NJ.
04/04/1964 Dr. Chud was born in Lodi, NJ.
09/15/1964 Doyle was born in Lodi, NJ.
10/15/1966 Myke Hideous was born in Patterson, NJ.
03/21/1975 Michale Graves was born in NJ.
02/__/1977 Jerry began playing bass. He received the guitar as a late Christmas present.
06/__/1977 Jerry Only graduated from Lodi High School.
02/01/1979 Jerry Only spent the evening at a party with Sid Vicious. The next morning, while doing a delivery for his father's business, he heard on the radio that Sid had died.
06/__/1982 Doyle graduated from Lodi High School. Dr. Chud was in the same graduating class, but didn't finish.
08/13/1982 Jerry's daughter Kathy was born.
11/__/1983 Jerry and Doyle moved with their family to Vernon, NJ where they worked for their father at Proedge, his machine factory. Former Misfits drummer Robo also moved to Vernon and began work at Proedge.
08/__/1987 Jerry and Doyle formed Kryst The Conqueror, the Doyle Fan Club, and Cyclopean Music Inc. Kryst The Conqueror recorded an album, but the band never toured. The spelling of Cyclopean was later changed to Cyclopian for unknown reasons.
10/31/1988 Jerry, Doyle, and Kryst drummer The Murp appeared at the Creation Convention at the Penta Hotel in New York City. Afterwards, the band went to Tower Records for an autograph signing session. During an interview, Jerry talked about the lawsuit against Danzig for the first time. Asked by a YesZista interviewer if there was a court case, he responded, "We're trying to settle out of court." At this point, they had been working on a settlement for 2 years. Afterwards, Jerry and The Murp did a radio appearance on WFMU.
01/__/1989 Jerry invited Dave Vanian to join Kryst The Conqueror. As Dave said in Lively Arts #12 (spring 1989), "I'll be seeing Jerry in New Jersey next week and he says that The Misfits have 14 new songs that are really good. He wants me to work with them, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to. He's asked me several times to do something with them."
03/08/1989 Jerry and Doyle attended a Metallica concert at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY dressed up in their Misfits gear. They brought a custom made guitar and a Horror Business drum skin (as can be seen on page 18 of The Misfits Box Set book) for Kirk Hammett, as well as Max's Kansas City promotional posters from 1979 and a demo copy of the unreleased Kryst The Conqueror album (featuring the song "Wherever I Roam") for the rest of the band. In return, Jerry and Doyle received seats far from the stage and were heckled by security. Mysteriously, the next Metallica album included a song called "Wherever I May Roam."
12/__/1989 The Doyle Fan Club planned special Kryst The Conqueror Christmas packages consisting of a cassette copy of their EP, a CD copy of their EP, 10 bumper stickers (of which 15000 were printed), and a Kryst The Conqueror pen-light. The Doyle Fan Club also distributed the following items at one time or another: red Doyle Fan Club pen-lights with fan club logo, red Doyle Fan Club pen-lights with fan club address and logo, silver Kryst The Conqueror pen-lights, black Kryst The Conqueror pen-lights with or without the pen-clip, single sided Crimson Ghost guitar picks, double sided small skull Crimson Ghost guitar picks, Cyclopean membership cards in yellow or red, black Kryst The Conqueror cards, Kryst The Conqueror baseball caps, and Cyclopean Music stickers.
03/__/1990 The Doyle Fan Club closed its membership.
__/__/1991 Michale Graves wrote "Dig Up Her Bones."
__/__/1991 Cyclopean Music, Inc. released This Evil On Earth by The Empire Hideous, featuring Myke Hideous on vocals.
11/__/1992 Jerry and Doyle began rehearsing as Kryst The Conqueror with Dr. Chud on drums, a fellow Lodi High School student that they had met while working at Proedge.
04/__/1993 Jerry and Doyle appeared at the Chiller Theatre Horror Convention, to distribute Jerry Only posters and Kryst The Conqueror EPs.
03/__/1994 Years of lawsuits appeared to be coming to an end, as several former band members (including Jerry and Doyle) met with Glenn to discuss a settlement. Jerry explained the outcome in Metal Maniacs (June 1996): "We are the exclusive owners of the name on a performing level. We share the joint rights to the name with Glenn for merchandising."
06/04/1994 Jerry and Doyle performed publicly for the first time in more than 10 years at Dez Cadena's birthday party at a house in New Jersey. They played about ten songs with Dr. Chud on drums and Sal Bee of Sardonica on vocals.
08/__/1994 After almost a year of rumors, Jerry announced for the first time that The Misfits might be getting back together. In issue 12 of FeH (Sept/Oct 1994), he made the following statement, "What it boils down to is we are in the process of settling with Glenn and the way it looks we will be able to play as The Misfits. So we are looking for a singer."
10/__/1994 Jerry and Doyle overdubbed new guitar and bass tracks over the Max's X-Mas live recording from 12/20/1978. As Jerry said in an interview for a Swedish publication (Close-Up #22), "I had a cassette which was recorded during a concert 1977 or 1978, where we played 'Blue Christmas.' The instruments were badly recorded, but Glenn's vocals were awesome, so we went to Lodi and recorded the music again."
10/28/1994 The three-day Chiller Theatre Horror Convention began again. Jerry was present to distribute Jerry Only posters and pose for pictures with fans. At this point, Jerry and Doyle began auditioning singers in the practice room at Proedge. Their initial hope was to have Peter Steele of Type O Negative or Dave Vanian of The Damned join the band as vocalist.
11/22/1994 Johnathan Grimm (later to become the all-purpose Misfits roadie, artist, and merchandise man) became the first person to audition to be the new lead singer.
01/01/1995 The out-of-court settlement with The Misfits, Glenn Danzig, and Caroline Records allowed Jerry Only and Doyle to perform and record as The Misfits, beginning on this day. Also on this day, Glenn's Plan 9 Records ceased to exist.
03/__/1995 Michale Graves auditioned for the first time this month after his friend Bob Allecca, a producer at Reel Platinum recording studio in Lodi, suggested it to him while Michale was recording a demo for his band Mulch. Michale had never heard The Misfits before, so he purchased the first Collection album to learn the songs.
03/__/1995 The Misfits sent out postcards to fan club members announcing their return and auditions for a new singer. They also pressed up 10,000 orange bumper stickers with the Misfits logo and began doing radio show appearances, playing songs from their unreleased live album. Around this time Jerry had several thousand "New Skull '95" stickers printed up.
04/14/1995 Jerry and Doyle were interviewed on WSUS 102.3 FM in Franklin, NJ.
04/21/1995 Jerry and Doyle appeared at the three-day Chiller Theatre Horror Convention in Secaucus, NJ. The Max's X-Mas album cover was displayed for the first time as were 2 new Misfits shirts. Dr. Chud also attended the convention with them, although not in his Misfits gear. He went unnoticed by most fans due to the fact that he had not yet been announced as the official drummer.
04/25/1995 After 8 years of sitting under Glenn Danzig's back porch, The Misfits skateboard decks were given to Jerry and Doyle by Glenn's mother. These skateboards were originally advertised in "Thrasher" magazine in April 1987. Approximately 14 cases were found and 4 were taken by The Misfits; the rest were later claimed by Glenn as "sold." On this same day, Johnathan Grimm came up with Michale Graves' stage name.
04/26/1995 After the Danzig show in Red Bank, NJ, Jerry and Doyle went to visit Glenn at his hotel room, to ask him to join the band. As Jerry stated in Metal Maniacs (June 1996), "We went to his door and knocked and fifteen minutes later security came and walked us out of the hotel. So we took that as a 'no'."
04/30/1995 Jerry and Doyle appeared at the KISS convention in Teaneck, NJ, selling Misfits skateboard decks for $15 each.
05/__/1995 Jerry asked Dave Vanian of The Damned to join The Misfits as their singer.
05/27/1995 Michale Graves made his first Misfits related vocal appearance at the American Legion Hall in Franklin, NJ at a show hosted by The Misfits. He joined Drop Thud Oops onstage for "Skulls."
06/02/1995 Jerry arrived in California for a weekend of interviews.
06/04/1995 Jerry left California.
08/29/1995 Caroline cancelled the Teenagers From Mars single (Caroline 1704-61475-1/2). It had been planned as a limited pressing of 10,000 one-sided 7" singles, available in four colors and featuring the Static Age version of Teenagers From Mars. The B-side was to be an etching of the Crimson Ghost. Both the 7" single and a corresponding CD single featuring Evilive versions of "Horror Business" and "We Are 138" were going to be released on September 19, 1995. The Static Age (Caroline 1704-67511-2 [CD], Caroline 1704-67520-1/4 [LP/Cass]) album, which was to be released on Halloween 1995 as a gatefold LP or specially packaged CD, was postponed. The special CD packages were later used in The Misfits Box Set. The proposed live Max's X-Mas album was also cancelled. The cancellations were apparently caused by Glenn Danzig, who had threatened legal action if Caroline didn't release his Collection II project (which had been in the works since 1987) first. He was also unhappy with the overdubs of the live material (see 10//1994).
10/27/1995 The Misfits appeared at the Chiller Theatre Horror Convention again. This was the first official appearance of the complete lineup, including Dr. Chud and Michale Graves. For months rumors had been circulating that Dave Vanian would be the new vocalist, but after several months, and no response, The Misfits decided to go with Graves. At the convention they advertised the Fiend Club for the first time in more than a decade and sold new merchandise. 50,000 full color merchandise flyers were printed up for this event and later distributed by the Fiend Club and Ugly Things fanzine.
10/28/1995 On the second day of the Chiller Theatre convention, Bobby Steele talked to Jerry and Doyle for the first time in more than a decade.
10/30/1995 The Misfits performed publicly for the first time in more than twelve years. During Type O Negative's encore, The Misfits came onstage and played three songs. Kenny Hickey of Type O Negative shared lead vocals with Michale Graves.
10/31/1995 The Misfits joined Type O Negative onstage again, this time for five songs. Kenny Hickey did lead vocals on the first three songs and Michale Graves sang the last two. After this performance, they drove to Coney Island High.
11/01/1995 After midnight (technically 11/01/1995 and not 10/31/1995), The Misfits also performed at Coney Island High in New York City after the Murphy's Law show ended. Originally it had been planned as a free Halloween album party with live sets by Electric Frankenstein and Sardonica, as well as a Misfits autograph session. When the club decided to charge $20 for entry, The Misfits attempted to make up for this by playing a short 13 song set. Sal Bee of Sardonica took the stage and replaced Michale Graves on vocals for three songs. Both Electric Frankenstein and Sardonica eventually performed after The Misfits left the stage.
11/22/1995 Footage for the movie "Animal Room" was filmed, featuring The Misfits performing "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" in one scene. The audio track of the song used in the movie features the Kryst The Conqueror version with Jeff Scott Soto singing.
12/__/1995 The Misfits uncovered an instrumental track for the Kryst The Conqueror song "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" and recorded a new vocal track with Michale Graves singing. They filmed a video for this song for future use in their horror movie video series.
02/06/1996 The Misfits Fiend Club began mailing out membership packages to over 4000 fiends. The package consisted of a cover letter by Jerry Only, a shirt and poster order form, a monster stamp petition for the US Postal Service, 11 T-Shirt flyers, 2 Cyclopian membership cards, 2 Cyclopian logo cards, 2 Fiend Club stickers, and a "Find-A-Fiend" postcard. The packages were sent in Cyclopian Music envelopes which had originally been printed in 1987 for the Doyle Fan Club. These envelopes were sealed with special Misfits stickers, available in five different colors. 10,000 of these stickers were made in all: 2000 yellow (first mailing), 2000 orange (second mailing), 2000 blue, 2000 purple, and 2000 green.
02/26/1996 Jerry Only, Michale Graves, and Dr. Chud attended a special dinner party set up by subscribers of the Misfits Bible, the band's Internet mailing list.
02/27/1996 To celebrate the release of The Misfits Box Set, Generation Records in New York City hosted a two hour box set signing party from midnight until 2 in the morning. It was attended by Misfits Jerry Only, Doyle, Franché Coma, Mr. Jim, and Bobby Steele, plus newer members Michale Graves and Dr. Chud.
03/10/1996 The Misfits left for their second tour of Europe ever.
03/12/1996 For the first time in history, the band performed "American Nightmare" live.
05/12/1996 Larry The Wolf, lead singer and bassist of The Manimals, joined The Misfits onstage at their show in Cleveland, OH for three songs.
05/16/1996 The Misfits entered the studio for three days to record new material for the first time in almost 13 years.
06/02/1996 Former Samhain drummer London May joined The Misfits onstage and sang "London Dungeon" with Michale Graves at the Louisville show.
06/12/1996 Approximately 2000 "The Shocking Return Of The Misfits" postcards were mailed out to Fiend Club members living in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and New Jersey. The other 8000 were given away over the next few years at shows or through the Misfits Bible.
06/20/1996 Former Misfits drummer Joey Image showed up at the Misfits show in Fort Myers, Florida and talked to Jerry for the first time in more than 15 years.
06/__/1996 Marvel Comics included a full page advertisement featuring a verse from "Braineaters" in all of their August 1996 issues.
07/20/1996 7500 "Resurrection Tour '96" postcards were sent out to Fiend Club members in the US.
07/27/1996 Former Samhain drummer London May joined The Misfits onstage and sang "London Dungeon" with Michale Graves at the Indianapolis show.
08/03/1996 While performing "Static Age" at the Capitol Ballroom, Michale Graves attacked the soundman because the monitors were failing. He was arrested later on during the show, and the band continued to play with Jerry doing the vocals on several songs. The last songs of the show were performed with various members of the audience coming onstage to do the vocals.
08/04/1996 The band performed as a three-piece for their show at the Agora Theater while Michale was still in jail in Washington, DC. Jerry and Dr. Chud sang most of the songs, along with guest appearances by John Bush and Scott Ian of Anthrax. George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse sang for the band's first performance of "Demonomania" in more than a decade. Members of the audience also did vocals.
08/18/1996 The Misfits show at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA was attended by James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, as well as artist Pushead. Although Hammett kept his distance from Jerry and Doyle, Hetfield ventured backstage to talk with Doyle.
08/31/1996 The Misfits finished off their "Resurrection" tour with an all-day festival at Action Park in their home town of Vernon, NJ. The show featured many opening bands and ended with a two hour set by The Misfits, during which they played "Mars Attacks" for the first time. Many friends and family members attended this show, including Steve Zing, Franché Coma, and Bobby Steele. Bobby joined the band onstage for the first time since 1980 when Michale Graves invited him to sing along with the band for "We Are 138."
10/30/1996 During the band's Baltimore show, Jerry and Doyle performed their cover version of "Monster Mash" for the first time, while a drum tech fixed Dr. Chud's drum set. The band also performed "American Psycho" for the first time on this night.
10/31/1996 The Misfits performed in Star Trek outfits for Halloween. Michale Graves wore Doyle's Star Trek shirt from 1980.
11/27/1996 Michale Graves appeared in court in Washington, DC and was assigned 40 hours of community service for attacking the soundman at the 08/03/1996 show.
12/04/1996 After months of meetings, The Misfits signed with Geffen Records and began recording their album.
03/__/1997 6700 postcards with European tour dates were printed and sent to Europe to be used as promotion for the tour. These had originally been intended for the Fiend Club.
04/15/1997 The Misfits performed "In The Doorway" live for the first time in more than 19 years.
05/__/1997 6700 copies of the "Bleeder's Diegest" Fiend Club newsletter were sent out after being delayed in the post office for a month.
05/13/1997 American Psycho, the band's first album of new material in 13 years was officially released in the US.
06/06/1997 Much of the filming for the "Dig Up Her Bones" and "American Psycho" videos took place on June 6th and 7th.
07/24/1997 The Misfits began their first ever arena tour, opening for Megadeth.
08/01/1997 A member of The Misfits' crew was arrested after a brief fight broke out between Misfits crew members and bouncers at the venue during a show in Denver.
09/__/1997 7700 copies of the "Bleeder's Diegest #2" Fiend Club newsletter were sent out.
09/08/1997 At the Toledo show, Todd Swalla of The Necros replaced Dr. Chud on drums for "Night Of The Living Dead" and Dr. Chud did the vocals with Michale.
09/16/1997 Jerry Only and Dr. Chud attended the Iggy Pop autograph signing session in New York, NY to promote the Iggy Pop tribute album, along with Joan Jett, Joey Ramone, Iggy Pop, and others.
10/05/1997 The "Dig Up Her Bones" video debuted on MTV during "120 Minutes." The video had also been played on several other video networks during September.
10/24/1997 At the Misfits show in New York, both Joey and Marky Ramone appeared on stage to do some Ramones cover songs. Former Misfits Robo and Bobby Steele attended the show.
10/31/1997 Both The Misfits and Danzig performed in Los Angeles, CA on the same night and played "Death Comes Ripping." Although The Misfits considered visiting the Danzig show (which started after The Misfits' show ended), rumor had it that no members of The Misfits or their crew would be allowed into the Whisky A Go Go where Danzig was performing.
11/25/1997 Jerry Only and Dr. Chud attended the Ramones box set autograph signing session in New York, NY.
12/31/1997 Jerry Only joined The Ramainz on stage at their New Year's Eve show in New York City.
01/10/1998 The Misfits appeared at the two day Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors Convention to sign autographs and show the promotional videos for "Dig Up Her Bones" and "American Psycho" with director John Cafiero.
04/24/1998 Jerry, Doyle, and Dr. Chud attended the three-day Chiller Theatre Horror Convention. This event was also attended by former Misfit Bobby Steele, former Samhain drummer Steve Zing, and other Lodi musicians such as Eddie Enzyme and Mike Morance. CNN later broadcast parts of this event (featuring Jerry Only) on TV.
04/28/1998 Jerry, Dr. Chud, and Marky Ramone took part in an online chat at
05/04/1998 ESPN filmed Jerry, Doyle, and Dr. Chud performing live in ESPN Studios in New York, NY for their "X Games" broadcast.
05/13/1998 After Michale Graves said he would be unable to do the band's upcoming tour of South America, Myke Hideous, of The Empire Hideous, was invited to temporarily take his place. Jerry Only, Dr. Chud, and Daniel Rey rehearsed with Myke for the first time at Proedge.
05/14/1998 Upon hearing about the band's rehearsals with Myke Hideous, Michale Graves informed the band that he was permanently quitting.
05/15/1998 Jerry Only took part in an online chat at
05/17/1998 The full band rehearsed for the first time with Myke Hideous.
05/25/1998 Myke Hideous performed live with the band for the first time, in Glasgow, Scotland.
08/10/1998 Michale Graves re-joined and rehearsed with the band for the first time in months, replacing Myke Hideous.
08/22/1998 The Misfits signed a deal with 21st Century Toys with plans to manufacture Jerry and Doyle action figures.
10/15/1998 The Misfits appeared on the "Uncle Floyd Show."
10/30/1998 The Misfits appeared at a special movie screening of the "American Psycho" video and Rankin and Bass's "Mad Monster Party" as part of the Anthology Films Archives in New York, NY.
10/31/1998 Joey Ramone joined The Misfits on stage for several Ramones covers.
01/12/1999 Jerry and his daughter Kathy were filmed with Jesse from "Rocks Off" by MTV. Parts were broadcast on 01/14/1999 and 01/15/1999.
05/20/1999 Jerry, Doyle, Robo, Bobby Steele, and former Samhain drummer Steve Zing attended long-time Misfits supporter George Germain's funeral in Hackensack, NJ.
07/13/1999 The band performed as a three-piece at the Abyss in Virginia Beach, VA when Michale missed the show due to a family emergency. Jerry Only and fans from the audience sang most of the songs. Michale's cousin sang "Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?"
07/18/1999 The Misfits show in Daytona, FL was attended by Eerie Von. Eerie also showed up at the Jacksonville show on 07/20/1999.
11/01/1999 The Misfits began their association with WCW wrestling by appearing in a wrestling match with Vampiro.
02/14/2000 Chud issued a statement on his website announcing that he, Michale Graves and Doyle had left The Misfits.
02/28/2000 Jerry Only issued a statement on addressing rumors the band had broken up. Jerry stated "any matters concerning the Misfits are between me and my brother Doyle."
05/20/2000 The Lost Boys, featuring only Michale Graves on vocals and acoustic guitar, and Dr. Chud on drums performed live at Razzels in Seaside, NJ.
05/26/2000 The Lost Boys, this time with Michale Graves on vocals and Doyle's Iceman electric guitar, Dr. Chud on drums, and J-sin Trioxin on bass, performed live at Wine Cellar in Seaside, NJ.
07/01/2000 Defying all the break-up rumors of the previous six months, The Misfits resumed touring.
10/01/2000 The band began their tour of Canada, but Michale Graves was not allowed into the country due to his police record. Jerry Only sang for the band for this portion of the tour, and some shows featured Zoli (of Ignite) on vocals. On October 25, 2000, Michale Graves (after a brief return) and Dr. Chud left the band. By the end of the tour on November 26, 2000, The Misfits had performed with Jerry on vocals, Zoli on vocals, former Misfit Joey Image on drums (two shows), Renfield (from Candiria) on drums, Goat (from Murphy's Law) on drums, and Matt Cross (from Orange 9mm) on drums.
04/08/2001 The Misfits kicked off their 25th Anniversary Tour with a special pre-launch show. Like the rest of the 25th Anniversary Tour dates, Robo and Dez Cadena appeared as guest band members. Later dates included Marky Ramone, Michale Graves, and others.