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Publication Date Description
Village Voice 04/18/1977 listing for 04/18/1977 show p.97
The Bergen Monitor 10/28/1977 review of Eddie's Rock Palace show
Snotrag #2 03/10/1978 Skulls interview, Canadian shows w/ Misfits
Village Voice 04/24/1978 listing for 04/26/1978 show p.105
Village Voice 05/0/1978 listing for 04/26/1978 show p.89
NJ Herald-News 06//1978 Doyle's middle school graduation, p.B-3A
Village Voice 06/05/1978 listing for 06/03/1978 show p.82
Village Voice 07/03/1978 listing for 07/03/1978 show p.97
Village Voice 08/07/1978 listing for 08/09/1978 show p.72
Village Voice 08/14/1978 listing for 08/09/1978 show p.80
Slash Magazine Vol.2#2 11//1978 review of Bullet p.28
Aquarian Weekly 1978 - 1979 concert listings
Village Voice 12/04/1978 listing for 12/03/1978 show p.134
Village Voice 12/18/1978 listing for 12/20/1978 show p.135
Village Voice 12/25/1978 listing for 12/20/1978 show p.112
Village Voice 01/15/1979 listing for 01/19/1979 show p.97
Village Voice 01/22/1979 listing for 01/19/1979 show p.89
Village Voice 02/26/1979 listing for 02/27/1979 show p.89
Village Voice 03/26/1979 listing for 03/28/1979 show p.99
Village Voice 04/02/1979 listing for 03/28/1979 show p.99
Village Voice 05/21/1979 listing for 05/17/1979 show p.123
Village Voice 06/25/1979 listing for 06/25/1979 show p.117
Flipside #15 1979 brief mention of 03/28/1979 show
Slash Magazine 10//1979 "A Tea Party With The Misfits" p.14
Village Voice 10/29/1979 listing for 10/31/1979 show p.89
Plan 9 Records 11//1979 British tour summary
Record Mirror 12/01/1979 brief mention of Europe tour and Beware p.4
Village Voice 07/09/1980 listing for 07/10/1980 show p.75
Village Voice 10/08/1980 listing for 10/31/1980 show p.101
Village Voice 10/15/1980 listing for 10/31/1980 show p.118
Village Voice 10/22/1980 listing for 10/31/1980 show p.96
Village Voice 10/29/1980 listing for 10/31/1980 show p.107
Intl Discog New Wave 1980 brief Misfits discography
Tips And Tours 1980 Jerry and Glenn interviews from 1979 and 1980
New Musical Excess 1981 Halloween and 3 Hits From Hell reviews
Wave Sector 1981 3 Hits From Hell review
Wave Sector 1981 Halloween review
Dirkson-Miller Prod. 07//1981 list of songs on Bay Area radio shows
Rehearsal Transcript 09//1981 Misfits rehearsal at The Pit
Touch And Go #18 10//1981 band interview in Detroit
Village Voice 10/28/1981 listing for 10/30/1981 show p.99
Tales From The Crypt 11//1981 review of Cuckoo's Nest show *
Wave Sector 12//1981 band biography by Steven Spinali p.18
Village Voice 12/09/1981 listing for 12/17/1981 show p.114, p.118
Village Voice 12/16/1981 listing for 12/17/1981 show p.141
_unknown_ 1982 Violent World comic strip
Doo-Wop 1982 review of San Francisco shows, p.14-15 *
Flesh And Bones 01//1982 review of 12/25/1981 show
Ruby Records 03//1982 band biography in Italian
Ruby/Slash Promo 03//1982 band biography (2 pages)
Terror Times 03//1982 review of Walk Among Us
Forced Exposure 03//1982 review of Walk Among Us
Village Voice 03/20/1982 listing for 03/27/1982 show p.124
L.A. Herald-Examiner 04/15/1982 article on band
L.A. Times 04/15/1982 review of 04/13/1982 show by Craig Lee
Il Mucchio Selvaggio 05//1982 band biography in Italian
Tales From The Crypt 05//1982 Glenn interview by Dave and Larry p.10-12 *
We Got Power #3 05//1982 band interview on 04/13/1982
Sounds 05/01/1982 "New York Noos" review of Walk Among Us
Village Voice 06/08/1982 listing for 06/25/1982 show p.106
Village Voice 06/15/1982 listing for 06/25/1982 show p.114
Village Voice 06/29/1982 listing for 06/25/1982 show p.116
Flipside #31 Summer 1982 band interview (2 pages) and 04//1982 reviews
Trouser Press #76 08//1982 band photo p.26
New Age Fanzine Fall 1982 "All Hell Breaks Loose" interview by RK
Assassin Of Youth Vol.1#5 10//1982 band biography, photos by Eerie (4 pages)
New Orleans News 10//1982 summary of 10/17/1982 cemetery arrest
FLA Decay #5 12//1982 review of 10/19/1982 show
Flipside #36 12//1982 band interview, show & horror movie reviews
_unknown_ 1983 Evilive 7" review by Jimmy Johnson
End Of Time #0 1983 Doyle cover photo
Fallton #22 1983 band biography in German
International Discog of New Wave 1983 brief Misfits discography
Forced Exposure #5 01//1983 band interview by Katie (5 pages)
Cretin Bull #2 02//1983 interview after 01/29/1983 show
The Big Takeover #13 03//1983 Misfits songs on radio play lists
Village Voice 06/21/1983 listing for 06/19/1983 show p.100, p.102
Flipside #37</> Spring 1983 horror movie reviews by Glenn
GD Spring 1983 interview with Glenn and Jerry
Flipside #38</> Summer 1983 horror movie reviews by Glenn
Flipside #39</> Summer 1983 Santa Monica show review
Questionnaire Summer 1983 questionnaire answered by Glenn (3 pages)
Flesh And Bones #3 09//1983 Glenn interview from March 1983 (3 pages)
Flipside #40 Fall 1983 mention of break up, horror movie reviews
Flipside #44 Fall 1984 review of Die, Die My Darling
Trouser Press Record Guide 1985 - 1991 brief band history
Black Market #3 1985 picture of Jerry Only
Thrasher Summer 1985 review of Legacy Of Brutality
Forced Exposure 1985 review of Legacy Of Brutality
Thrasher 1986 upcoming releases
_unknown_ 1986 brief Glenn interview
Thrasher 06//1986 Glenn interview by Pushead p.63-69 *
Black Market #6 08//1986 Glenn interview & Plan 9 ad (4 pages)
_unknown_ 1987 review of Evilive and Beware
Plan 9 Discography 1987 discography *
Thrasher 04//1987 Misfits skateboards advertisement
Thrasher 05//1987 Misfits skateboards advertisement
Thrasher 06//1987 Misfits skateboards advertisement
Flipside #54 Summer 1987 reprint of Flipside #31 interview
Thrasher 08//1987 upcoming releases
Toxic Fanzine #1 Fall 1987 "Here Is Wisdom" Jerry interview p.4-7
Plan 9 Records 1987 discography of all releases *
Tattoo Time #3 1988 photographs of Glenn and Doyle's tattoos
Thrasher 04//1988 brief mention of Misfits bootleg records
_unknown_ Fall 1988 "Spins" review of Danzig and Walk Among Us
Rip 11//1988 Doyle Fan Club advertisement (1 page)
Zap #6 11//1988 band biography (5 pages)
Thrasher 12//1988 review of Walk Among Us
Flex! Magazine 1989 - 1994 many album and bootleg reviews
Misfits Fiend-Zine 1989 German fanzine
Rock Hard #34 1989 band biography in German (4 pages)
Rip 01//1989 review of Walk Among Us reissue
Spiral Scratch #4 Jan/Feb 1989 band biography and pictures, p.56-61 *
The Pit #3 02//1989 Mo The Great (Jerry) interview (3 pages)
Lively Arts #12 Spring 1989 Dave Vanian interview
YesZista Spring 1989 Jerry interview (2 pages)
Jersey Beat #40 1990 Jerry Only interview (3 pages)
Famous Misfits Of Fanland #138 02//1990 Misfits and Samhain fanzine
Thrasher 03//1990 Walk Among Us in Pus-Zone Top 100
Thrasher 05//1990 mention of Kryst The Conqueror promo package
Famous Misfits Of Fanland #777 11//1990 Misfits/Samhain/Danzig/Undead fanzine
Hot Wacks 1991 Canadian bootleg book *
Touch And Go Best Of 1991 T&G #17 interview, editorial, pictures
Maximum RnR 07//1991 alternate Horror Business sleeve by Kris McL
Guitar For The Practicing Musician 09//1991 short article on Misfits songs and "Who Killed Marilyn?" tab
Famous Misfits Of Fanland #20 11//1991 Misfits and Samhain fanzine
_unknown_ 1992 Jerry (Mo) Only interview
Guitar For The Practicing Musician 02//1992 letter from Bobby Steele p.10
Goldmine 04/17/1992 "The Misfits" by Keith Huening, p.32-38 *
Thrasher 09//1992 Misfits listed as 9th best all-time band
_unknown_ 1993 Guns'n'Roses covering Misfits
Black Market 1993 band photo and Ugly Things advertisement
Ugly Things #12 Summer 1993 Jerry interview by Mike Stax, p.3-27 *
Rat And Cheese Fall 1993 Jerry interview by Mark Death
Punk Floyd 10/31/1993 Jerry and Bobby interviews (11 pages)
Electric Witch #1 1994 fictional Misfits show p. 34-39
Highlands Lowlife 1994 Louisville Babylon review
Punk Diary 1970-1979 1994 information on 1979 tour with The Damned
Rocktober #11 1994 brief mention of band with photo
Ugly Things #13 1994 Joey Image interview and more, p.6-12
Kerrang! 08//1994 brief band biography and Metallica covers
Feh #12 Sept/Oct 1994 Jerry interview by Geri Nible, p.24-27
Raw #164 12/18/1994 Metallica covering Misfits
Zap 03//1995 tour poster insert for show in Germany
East Coast Rocker 05/31/1995 advertisement for singer auditions
KZSU 90.1FM Guide 06//1995 Jerry interview (4 pages)
Hybrid Fanzine 06//1995 autograph signing pictures by Eric Weiss
Village Voice 06/27/1995 advertisement for singer auditions p.99
Swill #13 09//1995 Jerry and Doyle cover photo
Thrasher 09//1995 brief mention of return of Misfits
Chiller Theatre #3 10//1995 Jerry interview and more p.64-75
Ink Nineteen 10//1995 Jerry interview by Beowulf
Rip 10//1995 Jerry and Doyle photo with Elvira
Ugly Things #14 10//1995 Misfits update and flyer (2 pages)
Maximum RnR #151 part 1 12//1995 Jerry interview and pictures
So What 12//1995 Collection II review by Kirk Hammett
Washington City Paper 12/14/1995 review of Collection II
Alternative Record Guide 1996 band history by Spin Magazine
Rock Brigade 1996 Jerry Only interview
Rock: Rough Guide 1996 band history p.573-574
_unknown_ 1996 review of Box Set by Fausolino p.9
Rip 01//1996 full page advertisement for Collection II
Zone 451 01//1996 review of Box Set
Son Of Skam #4 Jan/Feb 1996 article on return of Misfits (2 pages)
Angry Red #1 02//1996 Bobby Steele interview and more
Ink Nineteen 02//1996 Box Set advertisement
Terrorizer 02//1996 Jerry Only interview
Village Voice 02/23/1996 Box Set signing advertisement
Box Set Biography 02/27/1996 band biography by Eerie Von
Alternative Press 03//1996 description of Box Set
Billboard 03//1996 Box Set advertisement p.15
Lollipop #24 03//1996 review of Box Set
Oklahoma Daily 03/20/1996 review of Box Set
Boston Phoenix 03/21/1996 Box Set review by Carioli
Hamburger Morgenpost 03/23/1996 article in German publication
Angry Red #2 04//1996 Jerry Only interview and more
Lacunae #7 04//1996 Jerry Only interview p.20-29
Juice Magazine #24 04//1996 Jerry Only interview by Jeff Jobes
AZ Daily Wildcat 04/04/1996 review of Box Set
Alternative Rock 05//1996 arcticle on upcoming tour
Metal Hammer 05//1996 review of 03//1996 show
Slamm Vol.3#7 05/01/1996 review of Box Set
Washington Post 05/01/1996 review of Box Set
Metro Times 05/10/1996 article about upcoming 05/11/1996 show
Cleveland Scene 05/15/1996 review of 05/12/1996 Cleveland show
Details 06//1996 review of Box Set
Entertainment Weekly 06//1996 review of Box Set
Etch Magazine Vol.2#3 06//1996 review of 05/11/1996 Detroit show
Huh #22 06//1996 review of Box Set
Metal Maniacs 06//1996 "Are They Misfits?" 3 page photo spread
Pile #21 06//1996 Jerry Only interview
Chicago Tribune 06/09/1996 review of 06/07/1996 Chicago show
Imprint: New Revolutions 06/28/1996 review of Box Set
Aquarian Weekly 07//1996 review of 06/28/1996 New York show
Metalfest Magazine #1 07//1996 brief band biography
The Record Journal 07/05/1996 review of 06/29/1996 Hartford show
Chris Schneberger 07/27/1996 Jerry Only interview
Bam 07/12/1996 flyer for 08/17/1996 show with Anthrax
Utne Reader July/Aug 1996 review of Box Set
Island Ear 08//1996 review of 06/28/1996 New York show
Melodia 08//1996 review of 06/27/1996 show & Michale interview
Phoenix New Times 08//1996 comparison of old and new Misfits
Squirt Magazine #1 08//1996 band photos
Sytmie's Chaos #9 08//1996 Michale Graves interview
Hit Parader 09//1996 lyrics to "Mars Attacks"
Hybrid Moments #6 09//1996 Misfits article
Neat Damned Noise #6 09//1996 Misfits and Damned article p.31-35
The Noizy Zine 09//1996 review of 08/31/1996 show
Rev Entertainment Weekly 09//1996 review of 08/02/1996 show
Westchester Quad 09//1996 review of 08/31/1996 show
Westchester Daily 09/02/1996 review of 08/31/1996 show
Ill Literature #12 10//1996 interview with band members
Ugly Things #15 10//1996 Misfits update and Box Set review
3.7 Magazine #10 11//1996 Jerry Only interview
High Times #255 11//1996 Michale Graves interview
Terrorizer 11//1996 Jerry Only interview p.46-47
Caroline Records 12//1996 Violent World press release
Etch Magazine Vol.2#5 12//1996 interview with Jerry and Michale
Guitar School 12//1996 review of Beware (listed as Walk Among Us) p.37
Married Punks #9 12//1996 Jerry Only interview
Metal Maniacs 12//1996 review of Milwaukee Metalfest
The Pit #18 12//1996 Jerry Only interview p.32-33
Great God Pan #8 Winter 1996 Glenn Danzig 01/21/1983 picture p.27
World Of Fandom Vol.2#28 Winter 1996 Jerry Only interview p.52-53
Columbia House 1997 review of American Psycho
Alternative Press 01//1997 full page ad for Violent World
Hit Parader 01//1997 full page ad for Violent World
Warp Magazine 01//1997 full page ad for Violent World
Addicted To Noise 01/17/1997 article on upcoming album with Geffen
New York Post 01/26/1997 article on signing with Geffen
Bass Player 02//1997 Jerry Only interview p.14-16
Ice 02//1997 Violent World review
Cavalier Daily 02/06/1997 Violent World review
Heckler Magazine 4.4 Feb/Mar 1997 Jerry Only interview (www)
Alternative Press 03//1997 Violent World ad p.15
Chord #11 03//1997 "Looking Through The Peephole"
Guitar World 03//1997 Violent World review
Jersey Beat #59 03//1997 Jerry Only interview by Jim Testa (3 pages)
Chiller Theatre #5 04//1997 picture of Jerry Only
Chord #12 04//1997 cover story on Misfits
Geffen Records 04//1997 American Psycho promo release
Great God Pan #9 04//1997 "The Misfits Versus Los Angeles" p.30-33
Out Of Underground 04//1997 issue #10, Jerry Only interview p.12-17
Suburban Voice #40 04//1997 Jerry Only interview
Thrasher 04//1997 picture of Jerry Only
Warp Magazine Vol.6#1 04//1997 Violent World ad & Misfits article p.52-57+
Kerrang! #645 04/26/1997 Misfits London Dungeon photo shoot
Rolling Stone 04/29/1997 review of American Psycho p.115
The Onion 05//1997 review of American Psycho (www)
Operator's Manual 05//1997 "Never Say Die" Bobby Steele interview
Thrasher 05//1997 American Psycho advertisement
Kerrang! #646 05/03/1997 review of 04/15/1997 London show
Metro 05/05/1997 article in Swedish
Kerrang! #647 05/10/1997 review of American Psycho
Punk As Fuk! 05/14/1997 review of American Psycho (www)
Mr. Showbiz 05/16/1997 review of American Psycho (www)
Rocktropolis All Star 05/21/1997 review of American Psycho (www)
Cleveland Scene 05/29/1997 review of American Psycho
Close-Up #22 May/June 1997 Jerry Only interview p.12-14
Addicted To Noise 06//1997 article on tour with Megadeth (www)
Caroline Records 06//1997 Static Age press release
Grand Royale #4 06//1997 article on Jerry Only model
Metal Edge 06//1997 American Psycho advertisement
The Record 06/20/1997 Jerry Only interview
Rocket #256 06/25/1997 review of American Psycho
Alternative Press Vol.12#109 07//1997 review of American Psycho
Circus 07//1997 Jerry Only interview
Hit Parader 07//1997 article on Violent World
Vibrations Of Doom 07//1997 American Psycho, Violent World reviews (www)
Watt 07//1997 Jerry Only interview in Dutch
Nuvo Newsweekly 07/10/1997 Jerry Only interview p.34
Las Vegas Sun 07/30/1997 review of Las Vegas show
Flipside #107 July/Aug 1997 Jerry Only interview
Guitar World 08//1997 American Psycho review
Live Wire 08//1997 Jerry Only interview p.24-27
Melodia 08//1997 Jerry Only interview with Stephen Gorny
Metal Edge 08//1997 American Psycho, Violent World reviews p.79
Rock n Roll Reporter 08//1997 Jerry Only interview with A.J. West
Vibrations Of Doom #15 08//1997 American Psycho, 4 Hits reviews (www)
Aragon Interview 08/09/1997 Dr. Chud interview
Cleveland Scene Vol.32#28 08/13/1997 Jerry Only interview p.28
York Daily Record 08/14/1997 article on 08/13/1997 show p.B1
Ordeal 08/27/1997 Jerry Only interview 02/27/1996
San Antonio Express 08/27/1997 Jerry Only interview
Chord Magazine 09//1997 Jerry Only interview
F.O.E. #38 09//1997 review of Static Age
Great God Pan #10 09//1997 "Misfits vs L.A. 2" p.24-26 and review
Real Groove #54 09//1997 Jerry Only interview
The Real Groove #54 09//1997 Jerry Only interview
Centre Daily Times 09/05/1997 Jerry Only interview p.3C
Daily Collegian 09/12/1997 review of 09/09/1997 State College show p.20
Artifact 10//1997 review of American Psycho
Axis #1 10//1997 Jerry Only interview (www)
Nervous Breakdown #3 10//1997 Jerry interview, American Psycho review
Hodge Podge #2 10//1997 Antidote interview with Louie p.18-19
Latent Image 10//1997 Jerry Only interview and Static Age review
Livewire Magazine 10//1997 review of American Psycho p.79
Metal Maniacs 10//1997 review of American Psycho
Non-Homogenized Productions 10//1997 "Dig Up Her Bones" video release
Seconds #44 10//1997 Jerry Only & Glenn Danzig interviews p.26-44
Urine Business 10//1997 joke article about Michale Graves
Maximum Guitar 11//1997 Jerry Only interview
Vibrations Of Doom #16 11//1997 Jerry Only inteview (www)
Metal Maniacs 12//1997 Jerry Only interview
Addicted To Noise 12/15/1997 review of Osaka show
Chiller Theatre #8 1998 "Dig Up Her Bones" video p.63-64
Sleestak #4 01/21/1998 Jerry Only 08//1996 interview (www)
Hit Parader 02//1998 "Tech Talk" Jerry Only interview
Non-Homogenized Productions 02/25/1998 Misfits video releases 03/21/1998 Jerry Only interview
Non-Homogenized Productions 04/10/1998 "American Psycho" video release 04/25/1998 Dr. Chud interview 04/25/1998 Bobby Steele interview
Goldmine 05//1998 "Platter Chatter" p.46
Misfits Press Release 05/27/1998 Michale Graves leaving band press release 05/29/1998 Myke Hideous new lead singer
POPsmear Spring 1998 Jerry Only and Dr. Chud interview
Jari-Pekka Laitio 06//1998 Jerry Only interview
Aquarian Weekly 06/17/1998 Jerry Only interview
Deformed Waste 07//1998 Brief band history and photos
HM Mag July/Aug 1998 Jerry Only interview
Dragon Convention 09/05/1998 biography of band 09/26/1998 Myke Hideous interview
Metal Maniacs 10//1998 review of festival show
Kerrang! 11//1998 Misfits in top 100 bands list
Beckett Hockey 01//1999 "Fright Song" article p.2-3 02/02/1999 Misfits action figures
Rolling Stone 04//1999 article on action figures (www)
Guitar 05//1999 article on action figures
Guitar World 05//1999 "Little Dolls" article
Bloodline 05/20/1999 Mark Kennedy interview
Allstar News 06/07/1999 Jerry Only interview (www) 06/22/1999 article about upcoming Famous Monsters album
Metal Edge 08//1999 Misfits mention in "Metal Wire"
Just Cause E-zine 08//1999 Jerry Only interview (www)
Ded Kitty-Zine 10//1999 Jerry Only interview
Terrorizer #71 10//1999 Jerry Only interview
Courier News 10/28/1999 review of Famous Monsters 10/28/1999 Jerry Only online chat 11//1999 Misfits and George Romero
Forbidden Zone 11/06/1999 Jerry Only interview
Warp 02//2000 article on Misfits and toys
WCW 02//2000 Vampiro interview with Misfits photos
Metal Edge 03//2000 Jerry Only interview
Flipside #122 Summer 2000 Glenn Danzig interview and old photos
World Of Fandom Vol.2#34 09//2000 Jerry Only interview
Forbidden Zone 10/22/2000 Michale Graves interview
Village Voice 05/01/2001 review of 04/18/2001 show by Gavin McNett
Fiend Club 1979 glossy promo band photo by Glenn Brown
Fiend Club 1979 glossy promo band photo (distorted Beware)
Fiend Club 10//1981 glossy promo "Happy Halloween" band photo
Fiend Club 1982 "Hey Fiends, Now You Can..." order form
Fiend Club 1982 glossy promo band photo
Fiend Club 1982 "Hey Fiends, It's The New..." order form
Fiend Club Fall 1982 Evilive Tour dates
Fiend Club Fall 1982 "'Evilive' Is Out Now!!!" order form
Fiend Club 1983 "Aha!! Just When You Thought" order form
Fiend Club 1983 "Grrruesomely Fangtastic" order form
Fiend Club 1983 glossy promo band photo (Glenn in bear suit)
Fiend Club Spring 1984 Die, Die My Darling and Evilive
Doyle Fan Club 1988 introductory letter
Doyle Fan Club 1988 welcome package
Doyle Fan Club 1988 Doyle poster letter
Doyle Fan Club 1988 fan club letter
Doyle Fan Club 07/13/1989 Kryst The Conqueror letter
Doyle Fan Club 1989 Kryst The Conqueror letter
Doyle Fan Club 1989 order form
Doyle Fan Club 11//1989 order form
Doyle Fan Club 01//1990 information letter
Doyle Fan Club 1990 fan club closing
Fiend Club 04//1995 "Frightenin' Facts" postcard
Fiend Club 01//1996 Fiend Club membership package
Fiend Club 04//1996 "The Shocking Return" tour flyer
Fiend Club 06//1996 "Resurrection Tour '96" postcard
Fiend Club 07//1996 "Resurrection Tour '96" postcard #2
Fiend Club 05//1997 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.1#1"
Fiend Club 09//1997 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.1#2"
Fiend Club 11//1997 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.1#2 Supplement"
Fiend Club 02//1998 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.1#3"
Fiend Club 05//1998 European tour listing (Euro-fiends only)
Fiend Club 05//1998 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.2#1"
Fiend Club 09//1998 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.2#2"
Fiend Club 11//1998 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.2#3"
Fiend Club 12/24/1998 "Seasons Greetings" postcard
Fiend Club 05//1999 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.3#1"
Fiend Club Jul/Aug 1999 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.3#2"
Fiend Club 09//1999 "Famous Monsters" postcard
Fiend Club Oct/Nov 1999 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.3#3"
Fiend Club Jan/Feb 2000 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.4#1"
Fiend Club Apr/May 2000 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.4#2"
Fiend Club Jul/Aug 2000 "Bleeder's Diegest Vol.4#3"
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