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"I ask all who have gathered here.
 To join me.
 In this feast.  May we always be strong in body.
 And mind.
 And all those.  Who would try.  To harm us.
 Let them be cast.  Aside."

 --Glenn Danzig, "Godless"
  The invitation has been issued, the battle lines have been drawn.
The third album From DANZIG has arrived. a wake-up call for the masses.

  "Maybe it's time for people to want to hear the hind of stuff we're
saying," Glenn Danzig comments.  "Before, they were just into goodtime
rock'n'roll--we're not goodtime rock'n'roll.  We're more of an experience.
Maybe they're ready to be experienced now."

  The DANZIG experience is a head-on collision with the truth.

  "What we've always tried to do is be really honest and say something that
was important."

  Don't surprised to discover that this exceptional singer/songwriter/
performcr is not who you may have been misled to think he is.  Few artists
have been more misinterpreted than Glenn Danzig.  His controversial lyrics
and beliefs have been a prime target for every outrageous, out of context
accusation his would-be detractors can concoct.  But then few artists dare
to take their audience straight into the soul of things.

  "There's a place for pop bands, but there's also a place for bands like
Danzig that do challenge your senses and your opinions and challenge
authority especially, because that's the way things get changed. If
anything, How The God's Kill really reflects what's going on right now and
what will be going on the next few years.  Possibly this album of ours will
have the most impact."

  How The Gods Kill (Def American Recordings) is DANZIG's ongoing
sonic crucifixion of the ways of a world ravaged by grecd and corruption,
where the let-us-prcy mentality of organized religion inflicts widespread
disillusion and discontent.

  "This album is full of violent frustration," says Glenn, who produced
its ten tracks.  He notes that the frustration expressed in "Godless" comes
from "people being fed up and saying "You made me Godlesss because you
made your religion so hypocritical that it's bullshit to me.'

  "There's nothing wrong with believing in a god or a higher being, just
don't shove your version down my throat and tell me yours is the only one.
Don't tell me that I can't believe what I want to believe, that I can only
believe what you want to believe.  Don't try and make everyone think that
your version is the only version."

  Intense stuff - the stuff that makes DANZIG peerless in the ranks of
heavy rock.  The man shakes the pillars of the temple.

  He can also haunt the heart with the dark, provocative poetics of his
more seductive songs, compelling compositions that showcase the
charismatic frontman's flair for timeless melodies.  Comparison to Elvis
Presley and Jim Morrison are warranted, but Glenn Danzig walks in the
shadow of no one.

  What this album has going for it is that there's not another album
out there like it.  The songwriting is ten times better than belore.  Each
record should be better than the last one.  I don't like redoing stuff the
same way over and over again.  There's lots of elements added here that I
don't think people have head come out of Danzig before, which is good."

  What hasn't changed is the band line-up of guitarizt John Christ,
drummer Chuck Biscuits, and bassman Eerie Von, superior players whose
savage power and musical acumen have made them the perfect components
to the magnificent voice and discerning vision of Glenn Danzig.

  "With this band, anything I do, anything I write, can be carried out.
No limitations.  Wherever I want to take it, they can go."

  Chemistry of this caliber is as hard to find as it is to contain.  Says
Glenn, "We try to push the limits of what's acceptable in the metal genre.
With this record, we've certainly done it."

  Pushing the limits is the DANZIG credo.  He cares little for
conventionalities, personifying what defines and defies the rock'n'roll

  "You have the right to say and do what you want as long as it
doesn't hurt anyone else.  There's a new right wing in America that is trying
to repress a whole country.  You cannot control how people think, and act,
and talk, where they're gonna go, what they're gonna be reading, what they
can see on TV -- not in a country that's called America.  This is supposed to
be the shining light for the whole world to look at."

  With every new release and subsequent tour, a wider range of
people are tuning in to hear the message and music DANZIG offers.  "We've
doing really well as far as expanding our audience and this time I think
enough people know and enough people want to know, to our fan base is
booming now.

  "0ne thing that I've really liked seeing was alternative metal getting
more play in the last year, as opposed to the poseurs.  I've seen so many
glam bands get bounced from labels and it makes me ecstatic!"

  Over the years -- from his early days as a pioneer in the
underground punk roch music scene and throughout the ever-evolving
career of the band that bears his name -- Glenn Danzig has refused to be
forced into a mold, consistently proving that he never could be.

  "I still do what I always did, which is to do whatever I want."