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Song And Name Information

13 Please see "Thirteen" entry.
4p The symbols on the cover of the album were taken from the alphabet of a secret tribunal group from Medieval Germany called the Vehmgericht. They spell out the word "Danzig." In an interview on Twec.Com on 01/27/2000, Glenn referred to them as "Zehmic runes." The entire alphabet is illustrated in Nigel Pennick's "Magical Alphabets" book, published by Samuel Wesier, Inc in 1992. The following information on the album title was supplied by American Recordings in 1994:
"The Four P movement is an alleged Satanic cult operating throughout the United States. An offshoot of the notorious Process Church of the Final Judgment, the Four P movement takes its name from the Process' original sigil: a swastika like form composed of four interlocking Ps. The Four P movement was supposedly begun in 1967, and has been connected to a number of ritual killings across the country, including the Son of Sam killings in New York and the Manson Family in California."
777 According to the book "Gematria" by Aliester Crowley, "777" corresponds to the flaming sword wielded by the angel that drove Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden in the Holy Bible.
All Hell This song was originally known as "All Hell Breaks Loose" and was featured on The Misfits' Walk Among Us album. Later it was renamed by Samhain on the Unholy Passion EP. Danzig played this song live on the first tour.
Angel Of The 7th Dawn This 1990 song was recorded with the songs on the second album but never released, although the first Danzig fan club was named after it.
Black Dream Originally featured on Samhain's Initium, this was played at the first Danzig show.
Black Rose Originally mentioned as a possible song for the third album, it was later revealed to be the title of a magazine Glenn was planning.
Blackacidevil This album title, as pronounced by Glenn Danzig, is apparently a play on words of the phrase "black as a devil."
Cold, Cold Rain This unreleased song from 1990 was featured on the Eerie Von hotline in March 1996.
Come To Silver Glenn originally wrote this song for Johnny Cash. When Johnny didn't use it, Danzig recorded the song and released it on 5 Blackacidevil.
Crucifixion Destruction According to Glenn, this was a "goof song" written to scare American Records executives during the 4p recording session. It was rehearsed a few times and included the lyric, "Satan's crucifixion points to Hell." The song was never recorded.
Death Comes Ripping Originally appearing on The Misfits' Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood album, this song was performed live at the 1997 Halloween show, and also when the band played in Germany during the summer of 1998.
Die For The Demon Please see "Night Of Hate" entry.
Earth A.D. During the SATANS CHILD tour, Danzig closed their set with this song, the title track to The Misfits' 1983 LP, Earth A.D.
End Of Time Intro This instrumental was played live on the first tour from the end of 1988 until the last show in August 1989. For the most part, it is a guitar solo with a burst of drums at the very end. It was always played before "End Of Time."
Evilive Glenn Danzig started a record label with this name in 1997.
Evilive Music All Glenn Danzig songs released after 1986 were credited to Evilive Music, including those originally credited to Static Age or Hell-bent Music.
God Don't Like It Intro This 1989 instrumental was based on the post-chorus guitar riff for "It's Coming Down" and the main riff for "Her Black Wings." It was played on the first tour starting in the spring of 1989. The band always played this song after "Cwn Anwnn" (intro music) ended. This song is probably an early instrumental version of "Her Black Wings" without lyrics.
Godless The spoken monologue in "Godless" may have been inspired by the "Ancestor Night" prayer in D.L. Conway's book, "Celtic Magic."
Halloween Originally appearing on The Misfits' Halloween single, this song has been played at several Halloween shows.
Halloween II This song originally appeared on The Misfits' Halloween single in 1981. It was later covered by Samhain on their November-Coming-Fire album and performed by Danzig on the first tour and at several Halloween shows.
Hand Of Doom On the last night of the second leg of the US Danzig 4p tour, the band played this song, which originally appeared on Black Sabbath's Paranoid and was written by Terence Butler, Frank Iommi, John Osbourne, and William Ward. The band had considered recording either "Fairies Wear Boots" or "N.I.B." for the 1994 Black Sabbath Nativity In Black tribute album. "Hand Of Doom" was recorded in the studio in 1996 with new lyrics by Glenn Danzig.
Hoochie Cootchie Man This Willie Dixon composition was originally recorded by Muddy Waters in 1954. Danzig covered it on Halloween 1991 at Riki Rachtman's Bordello's in Hollywood.
Horror Biz This Samhain song originally appeared on Initium. It is an altered cover version of the song "Horror Business" from The Misfits' Horror Business EP. It was performed live in 1988 and 1989.
The Hunter This song was originally recorded by Albert King and can be found on his Born Under A Bad Sign album from 1967. The original version of the song was written by Booker T. Jones, Carl Wells, and Al Jackson, Jr. The version recorded by Albert King was also co-written by Donald Dunn and Steve Cropper in 1967. It is not yet known which version Danzig used for the DANZIG album.
I'm A Man Danzig played this 1955 Bo Diddley song on Halloween 1991 at Riki Rachtman's Bordello's in Hollywood.
I'm The One Supposedly left over from the 1988 recording session for the first album, this song was later re-recorded for use on the second album. A faster, unreleased version of this song was played on the Eerie Von hotline in 1996.
Invocation According to Glenn Danzig in an August 1994 interview in Metal Hammer magazine, "Invocation" is the name of track 66 on Danzig 4p.
John's Solo This 1990 guitar solo was played by John Christ on the Lucifuge tour, as an intro to "Devil's Plaything." It is featured on the "Lucifuge The Video" release.
Let The Day Begin Originally featured on November-Coming-Fire by Samhain, this song was played at the second Danzig show.
Livin' Doll This 1992 song was recorded during the third album recording sessions and may later have been re-recorded as "Little Whip."
London Dungeon Originally appearing on The Misfits' 3 Hits From Hell EP, this song was played on the first tour. It was also played several times in 1993.
Lucifuge In a 1990 interview, Glenn Danzig stated that "lucifuge" translated roughly means, "to shun the light." The following definitions were later provided by Josh Lazie:
"Lucifuge: Prime minister of the infernal spirits. He commands 3 subordinate spirts: Bael, Agrares, and Marbas. Also known as Lucifuge Rofocale, he has power assigned to him by Lucifer over all the treasures of the world."
"Lucifuges: A class of demons identified by medieval theologians, following the suggestion of John Wier. They shun the light of day. Only by night can they fashion bodies for themselves."
Mona Danzig played this Bo Didley song on Halloween 1991 at Riki Rachtman's Bordello's in Hollywood.
Mother Of Mercy Originally featured on November-Coming-Fire by Samhain, this song was played on the first tour.
Night Of Hate This is the last song on the 1987 reherasal tape from the first album sessions. According to Eerie Von, the song has no title and is little more than a "jam session" idea that was never pursued.
The Other Side This 1990 song was recorded during the second album recording sessions.
Pain Is Such A Loving Thing This 1994 song, originally recorded during the 4p sessions, was featured on the Eerie Von hotline in March and April of 1996.
Samhain Originally featured on Samhain's Initium, this was the opening song at the first two Danzig shows.
The Shift Originally featured on Samhain's Initium, this was played at the first Danzig show.
Thirteen Glenn Danzig wrote this song for Johnny Cash, who released it on his 1994 album, American Recordings. Joey and Lazie later convinced Glenn to record the song for Danzig 6:66 Satans Child.
To Walk The Night Originally featured on November-Coming-Fire by Samhain, this song was played on the first tour.
Trouble This song was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and was originally recorded by Elvis Presley. "Trouble" was performed by Danzig starting in 1988 and later recorded for the Thrall EP.
Verotik Verotik is the comic book company founded by Glenn Danzig in 1994. The name "verotik" is a combination of "violent" and "erotic."
White Devil Rise Originally recorded in 1994 during the 4p sessions, this song was supposed to be released as a B-side to a single from the DANZIG 4p album.
Who Do You Love Danzig played this Bo Diddley song on Halloween 1991 at Riki Rachtman's Bordello's in Hollywood.