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Publication Date Description
Flipside #45 Spring 1985 Biscuits/Link artwork
Flipside #50 Fall 1986 Biscuits/Link artwork
Flipside #54 1987 reprint D.O.A. interview with Chuck Biscuits
_unknown_ 1987 allusion to Danzig signing to Def American
Rock Express Summer 1987 review of Less Than Zero soundtrack
Thrasher 08//1987 brief mention of new band Danzig
Rip 10//1987 Glenn Danzig interview p.65
Hollywood Book And Poster 11//1987 Glenn and Eerie interview
_unknown_ 1988 very brief review of Danzig
Thrasher 01//1988 brief mention of Glenn and Orbison
Thrasher 04//1988 review of Less Than Zero soundtrack
Rip Spring 1988 review of first Danzig show p.62
Metal Mania Summer 1988 "Dancing With Danzig" by Natanael p.59
Thrasher 07//1988 brief mention of first LP p.101
Circus 07/31/1988 review of Less Than Zero p.28
Def American/Geffen 08//1988 promotional band biography
Concrete Foundations 08/29/1988 Danzig LP promotion
Kerrang! #205 09//1988 review of Danzig show
Thrasher 09//1988 brief mention of Danzig 12" singles p.101
Washington Post 09//1988 review of Danzig LP
Mega Metal Kerrang! Fall 1988 Rick Rubin interview p.21-24
_unknown_ Fall 1988 "Spins" review of Danzig and Walk Among Us
Melody Maker 10/22/1988 review of Danzig LP
Melody Maker 10/29/1988 Glenn Danzig interview
Thrasher 11//1988 review of Danzig LP & Palladium show p.95
Rolling Stone 11/17/1988 review of Danzig LP
Metal Hammer 12//1988 Glenn Danzig interview (1 page)
Rip 12//1988 "A Misfit Reborn" by Mike Gitter p.64
Concrete Foundations 12/10/1988 Glenn Danzig interview
Flex! Magazine 1989-1994 many bootleg and album reviews
Faces 1989 mention of Metallica & Danzig on stage
East Coast Rock Rep 01//1989 Glenn Danzig interview (4 pages)
Metal Hammer 1989 "Moaning Misfit" by Nieradzik p.89
Rip 01//1989 review of Danzig LP and Walk Among Us
Seconds #8 01//1989 Glenn Danzig interview p.20-21
Los Angeles Times 01/07/1989 review of Country Club show by Garza
Los Angeles Herald-Examiner 01/10/1989 review of Country Club show
Washingon Post 02//1989 review of 2/1//1989 show by Kathi Whalen
Faces 03//1989 "The Legacy Continues" & contest p.34
Hollywood Book And Poster 04//1989 Glenn Danzig interview
Kerrang! #234 04//1989 request for Misfits discography
Thrasher 04//1989 brief mention of Danzig on tour
Kerrang! #235 04/22/1989 "Ask A Stupid Question" by Chirazi p.8-10
B-Side Apr/May 1989 Glenn Danzig interview by Yates p.89-90
Metallix 05//1989 "Danzig With Death" by Mike Gitter p.40-41
Flipside #59 Spring 1989 review of 1/4//1989 show
Kerrang! Spring 1989 review of 1/5//1989 show by Chirazi
Kerrang! Spring 1989 review of Palladium show by Chirazi
Metal Mania Spring 1989 "Danzig On Thin Ice" by Zogbi p.25-27
Kerrang! Summer 1989 discography of Glenn Danzig's works
Metal Shop Summer 1989 "Danzig Days Are Here Again" by Zogbi
Break Out 06//1989 "Nichts von dieser Welt" German interview
Power Metal 06//1989 "Power Pioneers" by Rolf Huggot p.16-17
Thrasher 06//1989 brief mention of Danzig recording in studio
Metal Muscle 06/15/1989 "Great Expectations: The '90s..." p.50
Rip 07//1989 "Tales From The Dark Side" int. p.40-44
Rip 07//1989 Glenn interview & "Mother" video p.35-39+
Thrasher 08//1989 brief mention of Danzig going on tour
Thrasher 09//1989 brief mention of new Danzig videos
Thrasher 10//1989 brief mention of upcoming video release
Faces 1990 mini-pull-out poster
Faces 1990 Glenn Danzig quote
Raw 1990 "Personal Examination" candy bar interview
Shark 1990 "Dem Mythos" German article
Metal Muscle 01//1990 "Who Will Lead The Way..." article
Metal Maniacs Metallica Special 05//1990 "Helluva Guy" biography by Zogbi p.34
Circus Spring 1990 review of Danzig video p.53
Faces Spring 1990 review of Danzig video
Hit Parader Spring 1990 Danzig video advertisement
Kerrang! Spring 1990 "Disparate Dan" interview by Chirazi p.28
Propaganda #14 Spring 1990 Glenn Danzig interview and pictures p.4-8
Circus Summer 1990 review of Danzig II
Faces Summer 1990 "By His Own Design" description of songs
Kerrang! Summer 1990 "Tales From The Dark Side" by Chirazi
Metal Edge Summer 1990 Danzig II advertisement
Metal Maniacs Summer 1990 review of Danzig II by Zogbi
Metal Muscle Summer 1990 review of Danzig II and article
Raw Summer 1990 "The Luci' Show!" review of Danzig II
Sounds Summer 1990 Danzig II review by Paul Elliot
Thrasher Summer 1990 Danzig II full page advertisement
_unknown_ Summer 1990 review of Danzig II by Paul Elliot
_unknown_ Summer 1990 "Danzig Gets Retro" review of Danzig II
_unknown_ Summer 1990 "Danzig Returns" interview by Zogbi
Def American 06//1990 "The World's Gone Def" advertisement
Metal Maniacs 06//1990 June calendar with Danzig photo
Raw 06/13/1990 "Songs And Legends" Glenn interview
Kerrang! 06/30/1990 Danzig II review by Mike Gitter
Sounds 06/30/1990 Glenn Danzig interview by Paul Elliot p.16
Def American promo 07//1990 "Danzig On Tour" card
Pulse! 07//1990 full page Danzig II advertisement
Rip 07//1990 "Into The Black" by Chirazi p.68-71
_unknown_ 07//1990 Danzig II review and show advertisement
Music Connection 07/15/1990 review of Santa Monica show
Hit Parader 08//1990 Danzig contest
M.E.A.T. #15 08//1990 Danzig II review and interview p.12-13
Pulse 08//1990 "Horror Business" Danzig II review p.43
Rock Review 08//1990 review of 8/17//1990 show
Detroit Free Press 08/10/1990 Glenn Danzig interview
Washington Post 08/17//1990 Glenn Danzig interview
Washington Post 08/23/1990 review of 8/23//1990 show
Hit Parader 09//1990 Lucifuge contest
Rox Magazine V3#3 09//1990 Glenn Danzig interview p.16-17
Rip 10//1990 "Resurrection Of A Misfit" interview
Rock Hard 10//1990 "Lucifer's Liebling" interview
Def American Fall 1990 promotional band biography
Rip 11//1990 "DANZIG by Steffan Chirazi" interview
NRC 11/26//1990 "Hardrock In Satanische Sfeer" article
Faces 12//1990 "Into The Light" by Serman and reviews
Metal Maniacs #35 12//1990 "Back In Black" by Zogbi p.11-12+
Hot Wacks 1991 Canadian bootleg book *
Malibu Metal 1991 article and photo
Rough #1 1991 German article with band and Rubin photos
Streetcleaner 1991 "Es Bleibt Schwierg..." German article
Faces 01//1991 "A Lone Wolf..." by Sherman p.45-46
Kerrang! 01//1991 review of 12/5//1990 show
Metal Mania 01//1991 "Twist Of Novocaine" by Kitts
Spin Vol.6#10 01//1991 Glenn Danzig interview, Kinghorse review
Thrash Metal 01//1991 "Two The Hard Way" interview
Metal Hammer 02//1991 review of Tor3 show
Metal Maniacs 02//1991 Band interview (2 pages)
Spex 02//1991 "Der Satansbraten" German article
Metal Muscle 03//1991 "The Forbidden Fantasy" article
Rip 04//1991 "The Dark Days Of Danzig" interview
Propaganda Spring 1991 "See No Evil" interview (3 pages)
_unknown_ Spring 1991 article on band
Faces Summer 1991 review of Lucifuge video by Sherman p.14-16
Faces Summer 1991 random quotes of Glenn & John Christ
Faces 06//1991 review of Lucifuge video
Faces 08//1991 "It Ain't Easy..." by Sherman p.48-49
Metal Muscle 10//1991 "Metallifriends" article and review
Faces 12//1991 Glenn Danzig interview (2 pages)
Hit Parader 1992 "Danzig Shaking Things Up" interview
Kerrang! 1992 "Summer Black And Some Are Dirty"
Raw 1992 "None More Black" interview (2 pages)
Raw #107 1992 "A Dirty Black Night In Nottingham"
Reflex #26 1992 "DANZIG - Is He Demon?" interview
_unknown_ 1992 "Sex, God And The New Republic" interview
_unknown_ 1992 "Evil Elvis" interview (3 pages)
Goldmine 04/17/1992 "The Misfits" by Keith Huening p. 32-34 *
Hit Parader Summer 1992 review of Danzig III
Kerrang! Summer 1992 review of Danzig III
Thrasher Summer 1992 Danzig III full page advertisement
_unknown_ Summer 1992 review of Danzig III by Bob Mack
Rock Hard #62 06//1992 Glenn Danzig interview in German
Rock Power 06//1992 Glenn Danzig interview in German
Def American 07//1992 Danzig III press kit
M.E.A.T. 07//1992 John Christ interview
Metal Hammer 07//1992 Glenn Danzig interview
Request 07//1992 review of Danzig III
Rolling Stone 07/09/1992 review of Danzig III
Faces 08//1992 "20 Questions" interview
Hit Parader 08//1992 "Metal Muscle" by Rob Andrews p.58
Her Oor 09//1992 "DANZIG heeft net haar derde..."
Rip 09//1992 "Back In Black" by Chirazi p.54-56
Clyde 1 BBC 09/03/1992 Glenn Danzig radio interview
Kerrang! 09/08/1992 review of Danzig III
Metal Hammer 10//1992 "Lucifer's Friend" interview
Rip 10//1992 review of Danzig III
Rock Power 10//1992 Glenn Danzig interview in German
Kerrang! 11//1992 review of 9/10//1992 show
Faces 12//1992 "Metal Godz" essay by Glenn Danzig p.76
Guitar 12//1992 "Dirty Black Summer" guitar info
Guitar For The Practicing Musician 12//1992 "In Your Face" JC interview & music
Big Brother #5 1993 Glenn Danzig interview
Headbanger's Ball#8 1993 "The God Kills" interview
Metal Shock 1993 "Il Signore Oscuro" Italian interview
Rock Power 1993 "Satanic Majesty" interview & advert
Upfront 1993 "Danzig Sued By Surfing Alien Man"
_unknown_ 1993 "Danzig Der Lausbube" German article
_unknown_ 1993 "Demon Down" interview p.54-57
_unknown_ 1993 "Fuck You!" interview
Visions #13 01//1993 review of 9/24//1992 show
Rolling Stone 02/18/1993 review of 12//19/1992 show by Gitter
Kerrang! #436 03//1993 preview of Thrall
Def American 05//1993 Thrall-Demonsweatlive press kit
Eye Magazine 05/13/1993 Glenn Danzig interview by O'Conner
Kerrang! #443 05/15/1993 review of Thrall by Chris Watts p.45
Toronto Sun 05/18/1993 article on unusual pre-show request
Flipside #84 May/June 1993 Chuck Biscuits interview
M.E.A.T. 06//1993 review of Thrall-Demonsweatlive
Metal Maniacs 06//1993 "Honest At Heart" Glenn Danzig interview
Raw 06/23/1993 brief article on Def Leppard fight
Horror Infernal 08//1993 "Danzig" German interview
Metal Hammer 08//1993 band interview (4 pages)
Visions #18 08/07/1993 German interview (3 pages)
Guitar World 09//1993 John Christ interview p. 16
Raw 09//1993 "Round 2" article on Def Leppard fight
Bam 09/10/1993 Danzig article p.42-46
Doll #10 10//1993 "Danzig" 7 page interview in Japanese
Raw 10//1993 "Round 3" article on Def Leppard fight
Guitar 11//1993 "Her Black Wings" guitar info
Hit Parader 11//1993 "Hobby Shop" interview
Music Life 11//1993 "Black Thing In Japan" interview
Rip 11//1993 "Demon Seed" interview
Black Market #11 1994 "Misdirected ..." editorial by Mike Stax
Bravo 1994 "Muskel-Metaller Greifen An" article
Genetic Disorder #10 1994 Def Leppard fight article (2 pages)
Hero Illustrated 1994 "Glenn Of Inquiety" interview
Guitar School 01//1994 "Mother" guitar info
Kerrang! #477 01//1994 review of 12//19/1993 show
Guitar For The Practicing Musician 02//1994 White Zombie by John Christ p.76-83+
Rip 02//1994 "Demons Down Under" interview
Billboard 02/26/1994 "Danzig Scores with 5 Year Old Mother"
Hit Parader 03//1994 "Live Onstage" article
Kerrang! #485 03//1994 review of 2/17//1994 show
Rolling Stone #678 03/24/1994 "The Devil Inside" interview p.40-42, picture, and drawing
Circus 05//1994 "Danzig's 'Mother' Ship Comes In' article
Hit Parader 05//1994 "Hobby Shop" Glenn interview by Leighton
Eindhovens Dagsblad 05/18/1994 article on unusual pre-show request
Kerrang! Spring 1994 "Black Gold!" article by Stefan Cherazi
Mother's Music Spring 1994 review of Thrall-Demonsweatlive
Spin Magazine Spring 1994 brief article on Def American name change
Circus 06//1994 Glenn Danzig interview
Circus 06//1994 "Prime Cuts John Christ" Christ interview
Bone Music Machine Vol.8#11 06//1994 brief mention of band p.7
Guitar School 07//1994 John Christ interview by Jeff Kitts p.10
Guitar World 08//1994 "The Passion Of Christ" p.23-26+
Metal Hammer 08//1994 interview (3 pages)
Musician #190 08//1994 band interview p.38-45+
Bam #440 08/26/1994 band photo and interview p.32-34
Bikini Aug/Sept 1994 Glenn Danzig interview p.46
Flux #1 09//1994 "The Dark Knight..." interview p.50-55+
Request 09//1994 Glenn Danzig interview p.28-32+
Rip 09//1994 "Mother's Finest" & contest p.44-47
Guitar Shop Fall 1994 background on John Christ
Yellow Journal Fall 1994 parody Glenn Danzig interview p.10-11
Raw? Fall 1994 Danzig 4 review
Guitar For The Practicing Musician 10//1994 tour diary by John Christ & D'Aquisto p.30
WOM 10//1994 John Christ interview
The Vibe 10//1994 Glenn Danzig interview by Veneris
L.A. Times 10/09/1994 "He's No Walk In The Park" interview
The Omen Vol.4#3 10/10/1994 Danzig 4 review p.8-10
Dallas Observer 10/13/1994 "Hell Of A Fight" interview
Entertainment Weekly 10/14/1994 Glenn Danzig interview & review p.28-30
Guitar For The Practicing Musician 11//1994 "Divine Intervention" Christ interview
Metal Hammer 11//1994 "Schattenspiele" German interview
Musikexpress 11//1994 German article (1 page)
Rip #161 11//1994 interview (3 pages)
Rock Hard #90 11//1994 German interview (3 pages)
Rolling Stone 11/03/1994 "In The News" blurb on Chuck Biscuits
Columbia Daily Spectator 12/02/1994 Eerie Von interview
Kerrang! 12//1994 review of 10/31//1994 show by Max Hackett
Metal Hammer 12//1994 band photo
Music Life 12//1994 "Glenn Danzig" interview
New Tracks 12//1994 review of Danzig 4
Request 12//1994 review of Danzig 4 by Don Kaye
Philadelphia City Paper 12/09/1994 advertisement for Danzig 4 & show p.34
Washington DC City Paper 12/09/1994 review of Danzig 4
Rolling Stone 12/29/1994 review of Danzig 4
Advance Comics 1995 Glenn Danzig interview
Danzine 1995 German fanzine compilation
Game Fan 1995 Glenn Danzig interview
Metalstar #4 1995 German interview with postcard
Mix 1995 "Daemoniske Glenn Danzig..." interview
Punk Rock Mag. #1 1995 Glenn Danzig interview in Brazil
Billboard 01//1995 "Danzig's CANTSPEAK" Far From Muted"
Guitar 02//1995 "Performance Notes" guitar info
Guitar Player 02//1995 "Dark Danzig Magick or day gig"
Ekstrabladet 02/18/1995 "Morkets Fyrste" Danish interview
Hit Parader 03//1995 Danzig article
Horror Infernal 04//1995 "Jenseits Von Gut Und Bose" interview
Livewire 04//1995 "Dirty Black Metal" Danzig 4 review
Metal Hammer 04//1995 Glenn Danzig photo
Rip 04//1995 "Gig Of The Month"
San Diego Reader 04/13/1995 Eerie Von interview and review
Her Oor 05/22/1995 "Glenn Danzig Zal Van..." article
Reun 05/22/1995 "Zwaar Op" interview
Kerrang! Summer 1995 "Christ On His Bike!" by Steffan Chirazi
Zillo #7/8 Summer 1995 "Indie-Tours-Festival" review of 5/26//1995
Break Out 06//1995 "Wer hat Angst..." German interview
Dyn 06//1995 Glenn Danzig interview in Brazil
Rock Hard 06//1995 "Der Pogende Damon" German interview
De Telegraaf 06/03/1995 "Ik houdniet zo van mensen" interview
Details 07//1995 "Rock Solid" Danzig fitness diary p.60
Playgirl 08//1995 article with Danzig photo
EVB's Danzig FAQ 08/31/1995 Elizabeth Bouras's FAQ (www)
Rip 10//1995 "Ozzy Meets Christ" by John Christ
Cosmic Journal #12 11//1995 article about Verotika #4
Rip 11//1995 tour diary by John Christ (5 pages)
Comic Buyer's Guide 12//1995 Glenn Danzig interview
Rock: Rough Guide 1996 band biography p.222-223
Pile #21 06//1996 brief mention of Verotik comics
New Rave 07//1996 Glenn Danzig photo and interview
Hollywood Records 09/20/1996 promotional band biography
Addicted To Noise 09/21/1996 review of Danzig 5
CMJ #492 09/30/1996 review of Danzig 5
Metal Edge Fall 1996 "Danzig: Speak Of The Blackacidevil"
Las Vegas Review Journal 10/19/1996 article on Disney and Danzig
Addicted To Noise 10/23/1996 article on Danzig and Hollywood Records
Proper Gander 11//1996 Eerie Von interview p.4
Sacrifice Single 11//1996 Rob Zombie interviews Glenn Danzig
Mr. Show Biz 11/06/1996 review of Danzig 5
Extreme #15 Winter 1997 Danzig article (1 page)
Alloy #1 01//1997 Eerie Von interview
Circus 01//1997 mention of Halloween 1996 show
Guitar World 01//1997 review of Danzig 5
Rip 01//1997 review of Danzig 5 p.68
Washington Post 01/24/1997 article on 1/28//1997 show
Jamie 01/31/1997 Glenn Danzig interview by Jamie
Closeup #20 Jan/Feb 1997 Glenn Danzig interview
Circus 02//1997 Glenn Danzig interview (2 pages)
Now 02//1997 Glenn Danzig interview
Toronto Sun 02/06/1997 review of 2/5//1997 show
Plain Dealer 02/07/1997 Glenn Danzig interview p.13
Greensburg Tribune 02/08/1997 review of Danzig 5
Rhig-In Support... Feb/Mar 1997 Danzig article (1 page)
Guitar 03//1997 review of Danzig 5
Metal Edge 03//1997 Glenn Danzig interview (5 pages)
Pulse! 03//1997 article on Glenn and The Prophecy II p.10
Hit Parader 04//1997 Glenn Danzig interview p.28-29
Livewire Magazine 04//1997 Glenn Danzig interview (4 pages)
University Reporter 04//1997 Glenn Danzig interview by S. Gorny
The Melodia 05//1997 Glenn Danzig interview by S. Gorny
New Rave 05//1997 review of Danzig 5
Metal Edge 06//1997 "Extreme Danzig" by Paul Gargano
MTV News 06/03/1997 Glenn Danzig interview (www) 06/05/1999 John Christ interview (www)
Metal Edge 07//1997 Glenn Danzig interview p.86-89
Seconds #44 10//1997 Glenn Danzig interview
Mean Street Vol.8#6 12//1997 Danzig update
Smutzine Summer 1999 Glenn Danzig interview by Toby Dammit (www)
Guitar World 09//1999 "Hair Are They Now" article
Nardwuar 09//1999 Glenn Danzig interview (www)
Aquarian Weekly 10/27/1999 Glenn Danzig interview by Myke Hideous p.32-33
Courier News 10/28/1999 review of Danzig 6
WVKC 11//1999 Glenn Danzig interview by Chris Ternes (www)
Metal Maniacs 12//1999 Glenn Danzig interview by Mike G
Twec.Com 01/27/2000 Glenn Danzig online chat
9x #57 02/2000 Glenn Danzig interview p.40-42
Wow #1 02/2000 review of Danzig 6
Incite 03/2000 Glenn Danzig reviews video game (www)
Edmonton Journal 03/26/2000 Glenn Danzig interview
Flipside #122 Summer 2000 Glenn Danzig interview and Misfits photos
Danzig Force 1990 promo package
Danzig Force Spring 1990 introductory letter
Danzig Force Spring 1990 thank you letter
Danzig Force Summer 1990 MTV calling times
Danzig Force Summer 1990 MTV calling times
Danzig Force 07//1990 new members
Danzig Force 07/27/1990 "Coming At You With Danzig"
Danzig Force 07/27//1990 tour itinerary
Danzig Force 07/27//1990 "Meet Danzig"
Danzig Force 08//1990 letter
Danzig Force 08//1990 MTV petition
Danzig Force 09//1990 welcome package
Danzig Force 09//1990 tour break
Danzig Force 09//1990 contest
Danzig Force 09/26//1990 tour itinerary
Danzig Force Fall 1990 shirt order form
Danzig Force Fall 1990 contest
Danzig Force 10/24//1990 tour itinerary
Danzig Force 12//1990 Rip questionnaire
Danzig Force 02//1991 recap of 1990
Danzig Force 02//1991 letter
Danzig Force 03//1991 Glenn Danzig questions
Danzig Force 03//1991 new fan club
Danzig Force Spring 1991 tour itinerary
Danzig Force 11//1991 quick update
Danzig Force 02//1992 letter
Danzig Force 07//1992 album postcard
Danzig Force Fall 1992 tour itinerary
Danzig Force Fall 1992 1992 wrap-up
Danzig Force 04//1993 band update
Danzig Force 07//1993 band update
* indicates that a discography is included with article