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Time Line

06/23/1955 Glenn Danzig was born in Lodi, NJ.
__/__/1959 The horror movie "The Giant Gila Monster" was released using the same logo lettering that Glenn later used for the Samhain and Danzig logos.
08/25/1964 Eerie Von was born in Lodi, NJ.
02/19/1965 John Christ was born in MD.
04/17/1965 Chuck Biscuits was born in Vancouver, Canada.
03/30/1966 Joey Castillo was born.
03/19/1968 Josh Lazie was born.
10/13/1970 Jeff Chambers was born in Brooklyn, NY.
05/15/1971 Todd Youth was born.
08/__/1981 Glenn and Eerie Von met through Doyle of The Misfits. Eerie often served as The Misfits' photographer.
10/__/1983 Glenn and Eerie began working on a project that eventually became Samhain. During this time, Glenn taught Eerie how to play bass.
07/__/1984 The comic book "Crystar Crystal Warrior #8" was issued, featuring the skull that Glenn used for the Samhain band logo and later the Danzig band logo.
01/__/1987 John Christ auditioned for the band Samhain for the first time.
02/02/1987 John Christ auditioned for the second time and was accepted as the permanent guitarist. From then until the release of the Danzig album, John's stage name was actually John Von Christ.
03/__/1987 Rick Rubin invited Chuck Biscuits to join Glenn's new band, Danzig. Philthy Phil from Motorhead would have been Glenn's other choice, had Chuck not been available.
04/__/1987 Glenn wrote songs with Roy Orbison and Rick Rubin for the Less Than Zero soundtrack. Glenn, Eerie, John and Chuck worked together for the first time during the recording of "You & Me (Less Than Zero)" for the soundtrack.
09/__/1987 Danzig entered the studio to begin work on their first album.
10/__/1987 The first Danzig band photo session took place with photographer Glenn Friedman.
04/09/1988 Danzig's first show took place at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ.
__/__/1989 The "She Rides" video offered a brief glimpse at the tattoo on Glenn's back. It says "Devil Man" in Japanese.
06/__/1989 Danzig entered the studio to record Danzig II - Lucifuge.
__/__/1990 Glenn produced Kinghorse's debut album for release on Caroline Records.
06/16/1990 Danzig played a special show for MTV's Riki Rachtman's birthday party.
07/27/1990 The "Long Way Back From Hell Tour" began. During the tour, the soundman, Rick Dittamo, played keyboards on "Twist Of Cain," "Blood And Tears," "Pain In The World," and "Her Black Wings."
08/18/1990 Former Misfits drummer Manny showed up before Danzig's show at Airport Music Hall. It was the first time he and Glenn had seen each other since 1977. Part of this reunion is recorded on the WCLH interview.
06/13/1991 The band performed another show for Riki Rachtman's birthday.
10/31/1991 Danzig played an acoustic blues set at Riki Rachtman's club during a Halloween party. The band came on at midnight and sat on stools surrounded by lit Jack-O-Lanterns. John, Eerie, and Chuck played acoustic guitars and Glenn sang. They performed "Killer Wolf," "I'm The One," "Heart Of The Devil," "Mona/Who Do You Love," "Hoochie Cootchie Man," "Spoonful," and "I'm A Man." They also did other covers of songs by Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, and Willie Dixon.
11/__/1991 Danzig entered the studio to record Danzig III How The Gods Kill. Willie Dixon came into the studio to hear demo versions of "Heart Of The Devil." He later agreed to do vocals on the song, but died on January 29, 1992 before he recorded his tracks.
01/__/1993 The band took a month-long touring break and recorded the Thrall EP.
04/__/1993 John Christ and Chuck Biscuits recorded "For Christ's Sake" for John's first solo release on the Guitar's Practicing Musicians Volume III.
05/30/1993 Danzig played at the "Rock Am Ring" festival with Def Leppard, Robert Plant, and The Black Crowes. Glenn got in an argument with Joe Elliot and Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard.
09/11/1993 The band watched a Misfits cover band in Auckland, New Zealand and took the stage to play "London Dungeon" and "To Walk The Night."
10/__/1993 Danzig entered the studio to begin work on Danzig 4p.
06/__/1994 John wrote classical guitar pieces for ABC movie trailers "Passion For Justice" and "A Place For Annie."
07/03/1994 On the last night of Danzig's tour with Metallica, Glenn joined Metallica on stage for their encores. They played "London Dungeon," "Last Caress," and "Green Hell" together.
08/__/1994 After an argument with Glenn over royalties payment, Chuck Biscuits quit the band. A short time later, he changed his mind and wrote a letter to Glenn, at which point Glenn informed him he could return to the band only if he promised to sign a contract concerning both royalties and substance abuse. Chuck refused.
09/__/1994 Glenn started his Verotik (violent + erotic) comic book company.
09/25/1994 Danzig held auditions for a new drummer. Joey Castillo was the last person to audition.
10/__/1994 Joey invited his cousin Josh Lazie to tour with Danzig as his drum technician, a job Lazie had done for several years.
10/04/1994 The in-store appearance at Tower Records in Hollywood was the first official appearance of drummer Joey Castillo. Later that night, the band performed for the first time with Joey at a free warmup show at the Whisky A Go Go.
11/14/1994 Glenn logged onto America Online and answered fans' questions.
02/__/1995 "Guitar Player" magazine featured a John Christ interview in which he mentioned that he had done soundtrack work using his real name.
04/26/1995 Danzig's performance in Red Bank, NJ was attended by Jerry Only of The Misfits as well as Steve Zing, formerly of Samhain.
06/__/1995 During soundchecks on the 4p tour, John and Joey would be joined by Josh Lazie, now also Eerie's bass technician. They would play cover songs in addition to Danzig songs.
06/30/1995 Glenn joined White Zombie on stage at the Santa Monica Civic in Santa Monica, CA. They played "London Dungeon."
07/05/1995 John Christ and Eerie Von informed management that they had left the band.
08/24/1995 Glenn and Joey began work on new Danzig tracks.
01/__/1996 John Christ recorded music for the "Sex Freaks" soundtrack.
01/27/1996 "Syzygy," the 13th episode of the 3rd season of "The X-Files" was broadcast on FOX TV. About 40 minutes into the show, during a restaurant scene, one minute of "Deep" was played in the background.
04/__/1996 Danzig began auditioning guitarists. Since the band had no bass player, Josh Lazie was asked to play at the auditions.
06/__/1996 Josh Lazie and former Fight guitarist Mark Chaussee were officially announced as the new members of Danzig.
09/__/1996 A few days before the OzzFest '96 tour, Mark Chaussee informed management he was no longer in the band. Joey and Lazie contacted Tommy Victor of Prong and invited him to join Danzig for the band's upcoming tours.
10/__/1996 Joey Castillo played drums on Robert Trujillo's solo album. Trujillo had previously played bass for Suicidal Tendencies and The Infectious Grooves.
10/__/1996 During the OzzFest '96 tour, Glenn would fly between tour cities and Los Angeles to film his scenes for "The Prophecy II."
11/__/1996 In late 1996, Glenn, Tommy, Lazie and Joey recorded songs for the proposed Bleedangel EP. The EP was never released.
__/__/1997 Joey Castillo played drums on an album by the Japanese artist Hide.
03/__/1997 After the band finished touring in support of Danzig 5 Blackacidevil, Lazie announced he was leaving Danzig, due to some personal problems with Tommy Victor. Tommy soon left the band to reform Prong.
09/__/1997 Rob Nicholson of Prong and Dave Kushner of Wasted Youth were announced as the new members of Danzig.
10/31/1997 Danzig performed a special Halloween show, advertised as Blackacidevil, with tickets for $6.66. TicketMaster sold tickets as "Black Acid Devil." As a special treat for the fans, the band played The Misfits' "Death Comes Ripping" and Samhain's "Halloween II" as their encores. Dave Kushner soon left the band.
11/01/1997 Former Danzig bassist Eerie Von got married.
01/11/1998 Part of Danzig's "Deep" was featured in "Schizogeny," the 9th episode of the 5th season of "The X-Files."
01/20/1998 Dimension Films released "The Prophecy II," featuring a scene with Glenn Danzig playing the angel Samayel.
01/__/1998 Danzig again began auditioning guitarists. Rob Nicholson suggested that his friend Jeff Chambers audition. Jeff quit his band Suction to concentrate on learning Danzig songs. Jeff had also played in 57 Crown, who opened for Danzig on Halloween 1997.
02/12/1998 Jeff Chambers auditioned for Danzig. The band played "It's Coming Down," "Long Way Back From Hell," "Twist Of Cain," and "Her Black Wings." A week later, Jeff was called back to demonstrate his guitar solos to the band.
04/__/1998 In late April, Rob Nicholson informed Jeff Chambers that he was the new guitarist. However, because Danzig was not touring or recording, Rob Nicholson soon left the band to join Rob Zombie's band as "Blasko."
05/__/1998 Needing a bass player for three upcoming shows in Germany, Joey contacted Lazie, inviting him to rejoin the band.
07/0_/1998 Glenn, Jeff, Lazie and Joey began rehearsals for the German shows.
09/15/1998 Danzig entered the studio to record Danzig 6.
__/__/1999 Joey Castillo played drums at 4 shows in Japan for the Japanese band Zilch.
05/04/1999 Glenn Danzig and Verotik artist Simon Bisley attended Super Festival 15 in Toyko, Japan, on May 4-5, 1999. While there, Danzig held a listening party for Danzig 6.
07/11/1999 Jeff Chambers posted a message on the Internet stating that he had left Danzig at the request of the band.
09/03/1999 Josh Lazie announced on his web page that Todd Youth had been named the new guitarist of Danzig.
03/02/2000 Josh Lazie announced he was leaving the band.
03/14/2000 Howie Pyro was announced as the new Danzig bassist.
03/__/2003 Tommy Victor rejoins Danzig. Jerry Montano of Deadlights is announced as the new bassist.