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DETAILS, July 1995 (Music issue)

Danzig -- Body by Satan (p.60)

Glenn Danzig pumps up his volume

I've always been attracted to the Nietzschean idea of perfection, and so I
began trying to perfect my body. I bought Arnold Schwarzenegger's
ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MODERN BODYBUILDING and started studying. Lifting weights
is just lifting weights, but bodybuilding is about sculpting the body.
Nutrition is essential, and though I'd like to be eating candy and cake,
it immediately settles on my hips. Unfortunately, when I'm on the road I
only get to work out a few times weekly, but when I'm at home with my
weights and machines I work out four or five times a week. Ideally, my
owrkouts go something like this:

Monday and Thursday:
I do five sets of regular bench presses, starting with ten reps and
descending to eight, six, four, and two reps as I increase the weight, to
a maximum of three-hundred pounds. Then I do four or five sets of
low-incline close-grip presses, starting at twnety-fice reps and
decreasing each set by five. The high reps really cut me up. I do
twenty-to-twenty-five reps each of single-handed incline curls with
forty-five pound weights. Instead of letting the dumbbell go at the end of
each set, I let it hang and twist my arm so that the burn keeps going.
That shreds up my front deltiods, carving out lines and striations  After
that I do push-down or reverse curls, which Lee Haney -- former Mr.
Olympias-- says are crucial to working the lats. And I love working the

Tuesday and Friday:
I start with military presses, which I do both backward and frontward.
Then I do a close-grip upward row in which I pull the bar straight up to
my neck. I prefer using free-weights to machine weights because the
free-weights have to be lifted *and* controlled, giving you a better
negative workout. After that I do front and back lat-pulldowns, starting
at a hundred pounds and moving up from there. And to finish up I grab a 
few ninety-pound free weights and do triceps presses.

Supplementary day:
I start by doing four sets of bench curls with ninety-five pounds. I raise
the barbell halfway up for five reps, then raise it up all the way and
lower it halfway for five more -- by now my arms are really popping -- and
then I do fifteen at full swing, followed by those Lee Haney triceps
presses. I said I loved working the lats. My lower-body workout doesn't
involve any weights. I do a form of martial arts called jeet kune do. The
kicking and boxing give me a good stretch and a killer leg workout. And I
get a good workout onstage too: Danzig don't just stand around, we go out
of our minds.

[the article also features 3 pictures of Glenn kicking and elbowing a
small hanging punching bag, and on the table of contents page there is
 another picture of him punching the bag with the caption "Danzig's sucker