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Faces Magazine, Summer 1990



   No one but no one is more misinterpreted than Glenn Danzig. His attitude, 
his lyrics, his image, his beliefs, his past, his videos - the man is a prime 
target for every outrageous, out of context accusation would-be detractors 
can concoct about what they cannot comprehend. Glenn's exceptional 
songwriting/singing/performing talents remain undaunted. In fact, the recent 
Lucifuge album's rapid success is the ultimate fist in the face of anyone 
who doubts the man's impact, his band or the music that makes Danzig sui 
   Not one to waste time explaining himself (either you get it or you likely 
won't), Glenn offers these brief insights to the 11 songs he composed for the 
second Danzig release. Listen and learn.

"Long Way Back From Hell":
"What happens when you're doing something you're not prepared to pay the 
consequences for. If it's too hot in hell. Then don't sign up."

"Snakes Of Christ":
"The Catholics and the Baptists have perverted the teachings of Christ. 
Worshipping their version of Christ could be considered by some to be as 
bad as worshipping Satan."

"Killer Wolf":
"My version of an old blues song about guy who wolfs around the door of 
every girl in town. An old braggin' blues [tune]."

"Tired Of Bein' Alive":

"I'm The One":
"About a guy realizing his destiny. Another blues song. If you listen to 
them, all of my records have a bluesy feel to them. They're crazy and wild 
but also bluesy. Probably more on this record than ever before though."

"Her Black Wings":
"About a woman to the 10th power."

"Devil's Plaything":
"Control over another person."

"Armageddon. What exists after 666? The end."

"Blood & Tears":
"A girl's failed relationship and her subsequent torment."

"Sex to a new plateau."

"Pain In The World":
The birth of Evil and its place in this existence."