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FLIPSIDE #59, Spring 1989


  I'm writing this letter to say that I think that the Danzig record is
fucking great!  But I'm kind of angry with Glenn.  Now I know that he's got
some really stupid fans out there (every little punk rocker and skater and
their brothers and now even stupid metalheads!) who deserve to get ripped
off, but hey, Glenn what about your loyal fans?  The people that were down
with you before last week.  I'm saying this because I'm so shocked to see
that you were charging $18 for a fucking black t-shirt with one color on it.
That sucks!  Also, what's up with the video?  Did you get those girls from
the set of the Motley Crue video?  How about the fucking pentagram?  I really
respected your ideas and stuff but what the fuck.  This shits going to far.
Well hey, all I can say is that I hope that you're happy but I think that
you should drop your metal image that you seem to have acquired.  Metal is
the worst, most unintelligent form of music and you're right there with it.
What the hell is the point?  Oh well, I guess one of the only real bands
worth listening to and respecting is the Laughing Hyenas...
Yours truly, Matt Sonzala, Erie, PA.

(I guess now I can tell my Glenn Danzig, boo hoo, sob story.  Once upon a
 time, Glenn was my good buddy, he'd send me all kinds of free shirts,
 singles, and stickers.  Glen was even a regular contributor to Flipside
 (remember his movie reviews?)  Well, one time Hud didn't like one of his
 ads, fine but we patched that one up.  Then the bootleg blitz came along.
 Sure, we video taped the Misfits and Samhain multiple times, but upon
 Glenn's request, we never did a single thing with them.  What Glenn doesn't
 realize is that other people video taped those same shows, and those tapes
 have been sold, traded, whatever.  I guess Glenn has gotten really pig
 headed in his old age and refuses to believe this.  In fact, Glenn is so
 pissed at us that he refused to let Flipside have a photo pass for one of
 his recent L.A. shows!  Ain't that a real boo-hoo!  Ok, so a lot of people
 are saying Glenn looks like Elvis from Hell, well, I think he acts like
 Elvis from Hell! - Al)



$8 LP or Cassette Plus $2 POstage
  Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

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  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
  Dealer inquiries call (201) 262-7558

Act Your Rage LP

Mr. Glen Anzalone may try to deny it, but the Misfits just about lost it all
when they chased off the driving, wild guitaristics of Bobby Steele.  The
guy's a fuckin dynamo of six-string aggression: he plants himself square in
the crossroads of Hendrix and Thunders, does amazin shit with feedback,
crashes hooks right into marshall crunch, then shrugs like it was meant to
be.  Unfortunately, the cat's also had a string of setbacks and misfortune
that'd wilt lesser men.  But, Bobby just juts his chin, plugs in, and blows.
Here be the first full-length Undead LP, and it delivers everything all Bob's
classic singles promised some core-ish moments borderin on Adolescents
territory, and whole shitload of roaring anthemic early punk in Who/Dolls
vein, with more'n a smidge of everything Bobby brought to the Misfits.  The
geezer's (as always) got a whole gaggle of isntant classic on his hands,
like 'I Don't Wanna Go' and 'We Don't Want the Poor In NYC'.  He even manages
to turn in the first 'Eve of Destruction' cover that doesn't make me wanna
puke.  It's about time Bobby started flexin' his muscles this loudly; let's
hope he can do this sorta thing more often.  -Tim S.


1/4 Jezebels
  I actually paid $17.00 to get into this shithole of a club, but being as
how I found a watch and sold it for 20 bucks, I feel I owe Danzig a $3
review, which was about what it was worth.  No, I'd be a Pinochio nosed liar
if I told you I didn't have a good time.  I did.  I had a raging time.  The
band was tight and cleanly powerful, but for this particular band that isn't
enough.  The man obviously sold out in quite an open way.  In so many
interviews the Misfits said one thing they would never do is play 'heavy
metal shit', and what's the first thing Danzig does?  The band is desperately
trying to outdo the Misfits, but falling flat on their faces each and every
time.  They aren't half as buff and walking on stage with no shirts and their
hair already wet was a joke.  I guess that's why Danzig is musically and
imagewise directing themselves towards "heavy metal", cuz no one else will
take them.  T-shirts $18.00. (Stay away from Jezebels in Anaslime). -Krk