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translation from EINDHOVENS DAGBLAD (German newspaper) May 19, 1994


"Ten girls in the age of 18 to 24 on 'highschool level', overall interest in
politics, religion and sports and living on a distance of 10 guilders by
taxi from the festival grounds." is one of the demands that hardrock band
Danzig has served for playing at this years Dynamo Open Air festival.  The
oraganization thinks the demands are ridiculous.

The ten girls must be ready for the four bandmembers from the time they
arrive at the festival grounds on Sunday afternoon.  Danzig will perform on
Sunday night.

Anti-Concerts is still thinking of an answer to the band.  Spokesman Andre
Verhuysen (organizer of the show) says that he feels like making a fool out
the band somehow.

"I haven't seen a thing like this in the 9 years I'm organizing this
festival.  A band like Van Halen, who were notorious for their extravagant
behaviour and the absurd demands, once demanded a bowl of M&M's, but
_without_ the yellow and green ones.  Somebody had a day's job on sorting the
damned candy, while the band didn't even like the stuff," says Verhuysen.

Danzig is the band of singer/songwriter Glenn Danzig.  His hard rock band,
formed in 1998 soon got an occult image.  He calls himself 'the Elvis of
metal'.  Also well known is that Danzig is a big fan of Roy Orbinson.  Others
see in him the Antichrist.  His records have titles like "Lucifuge" and "How
The Gods Kill".  In one of the band's videos Danzig had himself crucified.
His shows in the club circuit are notorious for their roughness.

The list of 'dressing-room requirements' Danzig gave the organization
consists of about 40 other substances which the band might need when they
are going on stage, like: 20kg ice, 20 sandwiches with various meatsorts, 2
crates of Miller Lite beer, 3 bottles of Moet-Chandon White-Star Champagne,
1 liter George Dickel whiskey, 12 packs of Winston cigarettes, a sharp
knife and 3 large pizzas.