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GUITAR, 3/97

FAST TRACKS by Buzz Morrison

          BLACKACIDEVIL (Hollywood)

  New record label, new band (gone is guitarist John Christ), new
sound:  That's the story of the noisy (there's nothing wrong with your
stereo!), industrial BLACKACIDEVIL, and while Glenn Danzig's voice is
often distorted beyond recognition, the music is typically creepy, if
not all that impressive.  The industrial rhythms sound recycled (which
is part of the industrial methodology, I suppose), and Danzig's nascent
guitar playing leaves you lusting to hear these 10 tracks (including a
jazzy revamping of Black Sabbath's "Hand Of Doom") remade live by the
band's latest hire, Prong vocalist/guitarist Tommy Victor.  Alice In
Chains' Jerry Cantrell contributes guitar to three tracks, which helps