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Kerrang! #234, 1988

GLENN DANZIG: kausing kwestion konfusion!

   Could you please tell me how many outings onto vinyl Glenn Danzig's 
Misfits made, what the titles were, and where I can get the rarest ones?
-Gavin Macauley, Culloden Moor, Inverness
   Speaking as the proud owner of an original and worn copy of 'Walk Among 
Us', this is something dear to my heart. As all the releases were of US 
origin, it's hard to obtain exact information. I've compiled a discography 
as far as I can, but I ask for your help, gentle readers, as it's your column 
too! If you have any additions, please write and tell me, and I'll publish a 
completed discography later on.
   Right, so far I have the albums 'Walk Among Us', (Ruby, now reissued by 
that label), 'Demonomania' and 'Night Of The Living Dead'. Also the following 
singles (on Plan 9) 'Night Of The Living Dead', '3 Hits From Hell', 
'Halloween', and a 45 on the blank label 'Cough Cool'.
   As I say, being US releases, my research has been difficult-'Night Of The 
Living Dead', for example, may be both an LP and a 45-the listings I've found 
seem to confuse the issue rather than resolve it! So those of you who own 
the records, write and tell me all, so I can complete this. Info on Samhain, 
Danzig's post-Misfits outfit, would also be appreciated.
   As for where you can get them, Gavin, I'd suggest you get Record Collector 
as well. All the large collectors' stores advertise there, as do private 
sellers. It's an essential monthly read for serious vinyl junkies! And readily 
available from your newsagent.