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Kerrang!, Spring 1989

By Steffan Chirazi

The Palladium, Los Angeles
   He hit the stage like some hyperactive, wild OTT dynamo and proceeded to 
whirl around like his life depended on it. It probably did. And his hard 
aggresive stances suggested an enormous inner anger with the way things were 
for him that night. And he sang with such bare-balled, bloody and scarred 
conviction, that at times he seemed like the Devil's lark. He could well be.
   Let me assure you, Glenn Danzig's days of cultism and media neglect are 
about to jump out of the plane and hit the ground without the parachute 
cushion, because Danzig quite simply has it. The charisma. The darkness. 
The Dark energy. The abrupt moves of arrogance. The confidence. The voice. 
The songs... let's stop right there for a moment, the songs.
   Danzig songs hit you from the gut, simplistic yet as stylish as all hell. 
The ripe guts of 'Mother' with that voice riding high and proud above all, 
the mesmeric 'Soul On Fire' and the plain brutal chord-wipe of 'Not Of This 
World' combining to whip the shit out of you. He has a guitarist in John 
Christ who looks every bit the freak guitar God you never thought you'd see 
again, black Nuge all wired and fired, whacking strings with pure brutality 
and, of course, the punk God drummer Chuck Biscuits, slamming them low and 
hard into the ground.
   But hey, follow me for a moment, listen up. You never heard a voice this 
good, this rich, this melodic yet this aggressive before in your existance. 
Maybe Jaymz H, but even he'll tell you that Glenn cops the vocals kudos in 
this biz right now. And the thing is, what the Misfits/Samhain never allowed 
his voice or songwriting to do. Danzig does.
   I personally have never had the dubious honour of watching an atom bomb 
explode outwards and wreak it's filthy destruction on everyone. But I have 
now seen Danzig. I guess the two are pretty similar, except there's something 
glorious about the filth of Danzig's crime. Because it's rock, as hard and 
dirty and gut as you can crank it. He comes off as a wild, bicep-stacked 
epileptic salmon, but the real strength of Danzig is that all the negative 
energies of past incarnations are now channeled into making glorious noise 
and superb songs.
   I told you earlier this year that 'Danzig will suck your blood'. They 
could very well kill you too; this band has the ability and the style to 
do that and get away with it. In case you're the one, Metallica are playing 
at the moment and guess who's opening? Now come on, for those who aren't 
already, do yourselves a big f**kin' favour and be there for the whole show. 
Not often a bill like this hits Britain after all...