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MEAN STREET Volume VIII, Issue 6    December 1997

DANZIG UPDATE - by Daryl Searle

	Former Danzig guitarist John Christ has assembled a new Southern
California band, Juice 13, in which he's playing lead axe.  Joining Christ
is drummer Randy Castillo.  You may remember him from Ozzy Osbourne's No
More Tears era, and from The Motels heyday.  Also on vocals and rhythm
guitar is Cheese Boy of Garden Grove.  Remember him from T.S.O.L. or
Pirates of Venus?  And bass player Krys Barrato provides lots of pulp in
the Juice with studio credits including Thomas Dolby and Guns N' Roses.
	Christ describes the assembly as a pure sex, drugs and rock and
roll character while the vocals deliver an alternative edge.  "We all come
from different backgrounds," says Christ.  "Cheese has the punk attitude
with the whiskey voice.  Randy's still the slamming powerhouse he's always
been.  Krys is solid, steady and holds us all together."  What about
Christ?  "The lead guitar work is more intense then the Danzig stuff.  
It's giving me a chance to cut loose a bit," he says.

	Catch Juice 13 on December 12 at The Gig in Los Angeles.  For more
information, please call the Juice 13 hotline at (818) 981-0862.

	Meanwhile, Danzig's founding bassist Eerie Von married his long
time flaming haired Mary on Halloween.  Apparently he just parted ways
with his blues band.  It's rumored Chuck Biscuits has left Social
Distortion.  Lead man Glenn Danzig's new generation namesake band
masqueraded as Blackacidevil for a surprise show at The Whiskey in
Hollywood, while competing with costumed audiences at The Misfits
performance at The Palace.  The latter show was reportedly sold out.