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METAL EDGE, Fall 1996

   Glenn Danzig has a Halloween present for fans who've been awaiting
new music since 1994's 4:a new disc called Blackacidevil, of which he's
been giving fans a preview on the OZZFEST tour with Ozzy Osbourne. 
Glenn produced, wrote all the songs for, and played most of the quitar
and bass parts on the album; Joey Castillo, the ex-Sugertooth drummer
who joined the band on the last tour supplied the beats, former Danzig
bass and drum tech Lazie, now in the band, played a couple of parts,
and Alice in Chains axeman Jerry Cantrell contributed a few leads on the
album, which mixes elements of heavy rock and techno-industrial, with
distorted vocals on a few of the tracks. There are two ballads, the dark
"Ashes" and Come to Silver", which Glenn wrote for but wasn't
recorded by Johnny Cash, the X-files soundtrack cut "Deep", and an
industrialized cover of Black Sabbath's "Hand of Doom."
  OZZFEST audiences get to hear at least four new cuts along with old
favorites like "Her Black Wings," Twist of Cain,Mother, Dirty Black
Summer. "We get 45-50 minutes, We usually do two hours.  But it's good
'cause I can go out there and I don't have to hold back my energy,"says
Glenn, though the five headlining shows scheduled in Cal. and Las
Vegas aroung Halloween will be longer. Tommy Victor of Prong(who
were set to do the OZZFEST until Epic dropped them) has joined Danzig
on guitar, a last-minute replacement for Mark Chausee.
  "Mark's a great guy and I don't want to say anything bad about him, but
it wasn't working, We had the show coming up and I had my doubts he'd
be able to do it." says Glenn. "Tommy is a big Danzig fan and he wanted
to try out even when Prong was going on the road but I didn't want to
screw Prong up. But as soon as Tommy put the guitar on, he's a pro.  He
has a better ear, he picks stuff up immediately.  Tommy knew a lot of the
songs and he learned Deep and 7th House in one session. Vocally it's
better with Tommy, too. As for Prong, "I can't speak for Tommy but I think
he wants to do his own project now. I said he can do that if he stays in
Danzig," says Glenn, noting that he may land a deal with Danzig's label,
Hollywood records.
   Also on the horizon for Danzig: a couple of videos, international touring
till January, when Danzig will launch a US headlining tour with, possibly,
Lords of Acid(and a third band) opening up, and for fan club members,
an EP with an album cut and Glenn interviewed by Rob Zombie. Glenn is
also dabbling in movies, with soundtrack work and acting roles
beckoning, and his Verotik line of adult comic books is going strong. For
more about all of these projects and Blackacidevil, see next issue for an
indepth interview with Glenn.