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Metal Edge   June 1997

Extreme Danzig
By Paul Gargano

   "I really wanted to make an extreme record - I really hate
bands like Pearl Jam and all those other bands that are just
doing corporate arena rock and pretending that they're doing
something revolutionary," said Glenn Danzig of reactions to his
latest release, Blackacidevil. "To me, music should be exciting
and it should be pushing the edges, and that's what I wanted to
do. I really wanted to make a statement with the record, and I
did. People are going to have different views about it, my
favorite is when people are shocked."
   To longtime fans of Danzig, there may be nothing shocking
about his latest canon, but to the uninitiated, the abrasive,
techno-charged presentation may be too much of a leap from the
Elvis-meets-Black Sabbath days of "Mother" and "Dirty Black
Summer." Danzig doesn't stop with music, pushing the creative
envelope with his adult-oriented line of graphic comics.
"Censorship right now is really bad. Not just for comic books,
but records and everything. This country is becoming more and
more conservative - or at least the people in office would like
to see it more conservative - what we're probably going to see is
a big kind of cultural revolution." More on the cultural
revolution - and Danzig's contributions to music, film and
literature - in next month's Metal Edge.