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Mother's Music Promo Magazine, Spring 1994

And Thrall-Demonsweatlive
(Def American)

   Danzig, the outrageous and gifted Metal/Blues/Rock band fronted by lean 
and mean singer Glenn Danzig are finally getting their due. Equal parts 
Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, and The Cult's Ian Astbury, Glenn Danzig 
provides a powerful centerpiece around whom bassist Eerie Von, guitarist 
John Christ and drummer Chuck Biscuits pound out straightforward Blues-based 
Metal and Rock tunes, with just the right amount of Crunch. Their breakthrough 
hit, "Mother," first appeared on their self-titled debut album back in 1988, 
and it resurfaces on Thrall-Demonsweatlive, their most recent release. In the 
song, Glenn Danzig defiantly questions authority: "Mother/Tell your children 
not to hear my words/What they mean/What they say... Mother/Can you keep them 
in the dark for life?" Thrall features three previously unreleased studio 
tracks, including Danzig's version Elvis' "Trouble." Demonsweatlive, features 
live versions of "Am I Demon," from Danzig, and the 93rd song on the disc, 
the wicked live version of "Mother." (Sorry, but tracks 8 through 92 are blank
four and five-second spots-perhaps the work of Beelzebub!) The live stuff was 
recorded Halloween night, 1992, at Irvine Meadows, Calif., before a pumped-up 
and appreciative gathering of Danzig devotees. While Danzig might not be for 
everybody, there's no denying that their ever-widening fan base is treated to 
a great show every time out. Also available: Danzig II: Lucifuge and Danzig 
III: How The Gods Kill.