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Addicted to Noise, 10/23/96

Danzig Has His Blood Pudding And Eats It Too

Hmm, now which record company do I really work for?

   Addicted To Noise writer Gil Kaufman reports: We're still trying 
figure this one out: Danzig has a new record, Blackacidevil coming out 
on the Disney-owned Hollywood Records on Halloween. Weird enough as it 
is, considering the 10-song album, which takes Danzig in a new, more 
industrial-sounding direction, contains non-Mickey friendly tracks like 
"Sacrifice," "Hint of Her Blood" and "Power of Darkness." Now, the last 
time we checked, the Son of Satan was still signed to Rick Rubin's 
American Recordings, where, according to legend, he and Rubin got
together to meticulously concoct the Devil Dog persona he has used to 
get over and all the subsequent urban myths surrounding the former 
Misfits lead singer. (Our favorite, by the way, is one a Chicago 
concert promoter told us: that whenever Danzig plays a show he insists 
that all crew members and venue personnel not wear any crucifixes or 
religious symbols and that all crosses be removed from the venue.) 
So, when we contacted the publicity folks over at Hollywood and brought 
this minor detail to their attention, we were surprised when they said 
that they didn't know anything about Danzig still being signed to 
American, aside from gossip they'd gleaned from fan websites. But, the 
folks at American had a different story. The official word from that 
label was that they were able to confirm "that discussions between 
lawyers were going on," but beyond that could offer no comment. A call 
back from Hollywood confirmed as much with a statement along the same 
lines of them being aware of "some sort of legal discussions between 
Glenn and American." but that Hollywood Records was not involved in 
those discussions and as far as they were concerned they had an 
exclusive recording contract with Danzig. Sounds like somebody might be 
getting a razor blade in their Three Musketeers this Hallows Eve.