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PILE #21, 6/96

Comic Reviews By Jason Orsak

   In Japan comics and toys are very big. We've all seen those "big-eyed" 
cartoons played on TVs at local clubs and friends houses. Some of you I'm 
sure are schooled in Manga, the traditional term for Japanese graphic art 
and storytelling. Let me introduce you to Devilman, infamous creation of 
Manga lord Go Nagai, star of his own anime (video) series "Devilman" available 
in two volumes in english or subtitled. In brief good souled Akira Fudo, no, 
not that "Akira", helps his friend Ryo complete his father's research 
involving the demon world. Yes, there are demons in the real world and now 
they are coming out of a deep sleep to reclaim their former kingdom. Only 
one man stands between them and the world, Akira who goes on to possess a 
demon's body to wage war against the devils. The demon he controls is the 
most powerful - Devilman!
   Thanks to Verotik, Glenn Danzig's comic line, U.S. fans get to continue 
the high with Devilman #3 featuring a delightfully demonic cover by Simon 
Bisley. In the tradition of great manga Go Nagai gives us another installment 
of Devilman in his quest to stop demon influence. Trapped in the past Akira 
and Ryo fight against the goddess Nike who is arming her Greek troops with 
modern weapons. Talk about carnage, swords vs bazookas. Devilman #3 - the 
pick of the month.