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Mr. Showbiz; Music Reviews: Danzig, 11/6/96

If the addition of Glenn Danzig to the Disney stable caused so much 
media furor, one can only imagine that the actual clangor of 
Blackacidevil will send the Hunchback to the sanctuary of the bell 
tower, the Little Mermaid back to the sea, and Mickey scurrying for 
the nearest hole in the wall. But it should also send metal fans to 
the stores in droves to pick up what is one of Danzig's best outings, 
and certainly the freshest thing he's come up with in a number of 
years. This time out, the tattooed muscle man embraces the industrial 
genre, picking up some of the strains he explored with Samhain, the 
group he led between his time with the Misfits and his current band. 
Where Danzig's previous albums were heavy, Blackacidevil is hard. The 
five prior efforts offered studied demonic posturing; this one can be 
downright scary, with Danzig's muted vocals and an instrumental grind 
'n' clang that can hold its own next to most any Ministry, nine inch 
nails, or Skinny Puppy entry. Don't believe it? Check out the 
sludgehammer groove of "See All You Were" or the Indy-car speed-shifting 
of "Sacrifice." But for headbangers worried that they've lost their 
closet link to Lucifer, Danzig's revision of Black Sabbath's "Hand of 
Doom: Version" --one of three Blackacidevil songs featuring Alice in 
Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell--shows Glenn Danzig still remembers from 
whence he came.