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TWEC, January 27, 2000

Glenn Danzig chat
January 27, 2000

After varied success with both the Misfits and Samhain, Glenn Danzig 
decided to venture into a solo career and formed Danzig in 1987. Hard 
metal and gothic romanticism played a large part in their sound and with the
help of the live video "Mother" (a staple on Mtv's Headbanger's Ball) the 
band enjoyed commercial success.

Following the tour in support of Danzig 4, the band was re-vamped and 
Danzig found a new unit to back him.  The sixth solo album, 6:66 Satans 
Child, was released late in 1999 supported by the single "Five Finger 
Crawl." Glenn Danzig kicked the new year off with a bang and joined for an online chat with fans to discuss touring plans, the new 
album, and re-issues of his previous work. would like to welcome Glenn Danzig to tonight's chat! 
Hello Glenn.


Carnivore13: Glenn, can you give us any news on a European tour?

GLENN DANZIG: We had planned on going to Europe in March, but it 
looks like we won't get there until the summer. We're going back out 
in the U.S. in March. But we're coming to Europe though.

AutoLogik1: How do you go about the lyric writing process?

GLENN DANZIG: Sometimes I write them all in one sitting. Sometimes it 
takes me a while.

AciDevil666: Glenn, can we expect a Danzig box set anytime in the future?

GLENN DANZIG: We were talking about how if we did do that, it would be 
an upside-down cross, and all the CDs would fit in.

SpookyGirl138: Glenn, will you ever re-release any of the old DANZIG 
jewelry? Things like the Lucifuge cross and such, they go for about 
$510 on eBay and it's ridiculous!

GLENN DANZIG: Possibly. If that's the case with the secondary market, 
then yes, we will re-issue it. That's crazy.

SpookyGirl138: Glenn, when is Skumlove's album coming out and are you 
going to be producing it?

GLENN DANZIG: I'll be producing, and it's tentatively scheduled for 
this summer.

jericho88: Who designed the original Samhain/Danzig logo?


darkjedi: Do you plan on putting out more VHS tapes of live shows?


lucifire death: What do you think of MP3s?

GLENN DANZIG: It's cool. As long as the band has a say in it. If they 
dictate what will be downloadable, then it's cool.

Lucifire 666: Have you seen the X-Men costumes? I'm glad you turned down Wolvie.

GLENN DANZIG: The first reason I turned it down was because I wouldn't 
be able to do any 6:66 touring. But now I'm glad I turned it down, in 
retrospect. I've heard it's really awful.

BLaCKaCIdEViL2: Rumor has it there is a remix of Blackacidevil coming out 
with new songs on it. Is this true?

GLENN DANZIG: It's not a re-mix, it's a reissue. And there are three 
extra tracks on it. There's also a Sacrifice EP re-release, and that has 
three unreleased tracks on it.

jgilkey777: How have the new members changed the band?

GLENN DANZIG: Joey's not so new. Actually he's been around now as long as 
Biscuits before. Joey's more rock steady, without speeding up and slowing 
down like Biscuits. The new band hangs out together now, the old one 
didn't. It's more of a band now. Todd is an awesome guitar player. Just an 
all-around better band.

Carnivore13: Glenn, what would you say the biggest difference is playing 
in Europe vs. playing in the U.S.?

GLENN DANZIG: The main difference is being in a new country almost every 
night or every week. There are so many differences in language, food, etc. 
They act differently at concerts in Europe, but that's about it.

Cerberus: Have you ever considered doing a set entirely composed of your 
ballads including SAMHAIN and MISFITS such as "To Walk The Night" and "In 
The Doorway?"


firemass13: How come the video for "Five Finger Crawl" is out, but 
"Unspeakable" is the first single?

GLENN DANZIG: "Five Finger Crawl" wasn't technically a single, but it 
was released to metal radio. Then we just did a video for it, like our 
releases to metal radio in the past. We will be doing a video for
"Unspeakable" also.

gothChiLd99: Can you describe what it is like being out on the stage in 
front of thousands of people that came just to see and hear you?

GLENN DANZIG: No I can't describe it. It's a great rush for us, and 
hopefully it's a great rush for everyone in the audience as well. We're 
giving 200% and just blasting ourselves, and after the show we're totally

Twisted Cain: What was your inspiration for writing song like 
"Wolfsblood," "Devilock," and those MAGNIFICIENT Misfits song?

GLENN DANZIG: It depends. Each song has a different reason for being written.

superchango: Glenn, can you give us a preview of what will be included in 
the Samhain box set?

GLENN DANZIG: Of course every track ever released by Samhain. And then lots 
of tracks nobody's ever heard.  Maybe alternate versions. Early stuff that 
ended up as Danzig songs. Hopefully a video of early Samhain
performances, a mini comic, a 30 page unreleased photo booklet. Cool stuff.

Cerberus: Who did the female vocals on "Into The Mouth?"

GLENN DANZIG: There are no female vocals on "Into the Mouth."

RAYZORBACK: When writing music do you begin by playing the guitar or piano, 
or by lyrical ideas?

GLENN DANZIG: There's no set pattern.

Eviscerus: What did you think about the Misfits doing Christian rock after 
you left them?

GLENN DANZIG: I think it speaks for itself.

sistinas69: What do you use to make the blood that you put on for the shows?

GLENN DANZIG: It's just stage blood.

AutoLogik1: Did you contribute to John Crist's solos? Or did you leave 
them to him?

GLENN DANZIG: Originally we'd leave them to him, and then they would have 
to be re-worked. As far as how the solos would go.

Her Blakk Wingz: Glenn, who is your biggest influence vocally?

GLENN DANZIG: There's more than one. Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, Elvis, 
Ozzy, and Jim Morrison.

firemass13: What do the coffin symbols on the back of Satan's Child represent?

GLENN DANZIG: You'll have to find out for yourself.

superchango: Have you been happy with the way E-Magine has handled the 
6:66 release and upcoming re-releases so far?

GLENN DANZIG: I'm taking a "wait and see" attitude.

bax138: Will Samhain play NYC when the box set is out?

GLENN DANZIG: But there's talk of maybe doing a show in NY and San 
Francisco the week the box set comes out.  No tour though. Just these shows. 
And these aren't definite yet.

Vamfyre: What do you have planned for Verotik comics in the future?

GLENN DANZIG: In May the Morella comic comes out. And then the Satanica 
mini-series, Satanica Unleashed will hopefully come out some time this summer.

Nivek: Have you made any recent additions to your infamous book collection?

GLENN DANZIG: I have a new book called Shocking Crimes of Post-war Japan. 
While on tour I also got a book called the Lucifer Principle.

firemass13: What's the strangest request a fan has ever given you?

GLENN DANZIG: There's been so many, I wouldn't know where to start!

evillive777: Glenn how long do you plan to continue with the whole music thing?

GLENN DANZIG: As long as I feel like doing it.

phylo: Are there any new bands that you listen to? Which ones?

GLENN DANZIG: I listen to Cradle of Filth, Witchery, Diabolicum. Someone 
just gave me a Slipknot sampler.  And that new band Kittie.

Devilman138: When will the European B-sides be released?

GLENN DANZIG: Hopefully right before we go over. Probably late spring.

mr2hip: What made you want to change the overall pace and sound of your music?


Dr_Ihsahn: Have you ever heard of your remake of "Heart of the Devil" - 
the black metal version?

GLENN DANZIG: No, I've never heard of it.

firemass13: What is the song "Don't Be Afraid" about?

GLENN DANZIG: The title. Being afraid of different things. It's making 
light of being afraid of things. It was supposed to be a creepy, kind of 
nightmare-y thing.

lunarvengeance: What do you think of John Popper?s comments about you?

GLENN DANZIG: I didn't even know that he made any about me.

danzig666: Glenn, have you ever considered opening your own club?

GLENN DANZIG: I've thought about it over the years.

Satanika: Will you ever play "Devil?s Plaything" in concert live again?

GLENN DANZIG: I don't know.

AVinyl: Glenn, what is your take on bootlegs? Do you sign them?

GLENN DANZIG: I can't stand them!

bver: Can you tell me what a "Lilin" child is?

GLENN DANZIG: It's a child of Lilin.

queen wasp: Is there going to be a different setlist for the second leg?


Killer Wolf: How many years have you been practicing martial arts?

GLENN DANZIG: I goofed around with it as a kid. But seriously practicing, 
about nine or ten years.

lunarvengeance: Which song are you most proud of on 6:66?

GLENN DANZIG: I like "Lillin...," "Belly of the Beast" - I like them all. 
I'm proud of the whole album.

evilive: What did you intend for "138" to stand for? I've read Jerry Only's 
and Bobby Steele's take on it.

GLENN DANZIG: They didn't write it, and they don't know what the fuck it's 
about. It's about violence.

Shadow666: "Black Aria," - very inspiring music. How did you come up with it 
and is it about Revelations?

GLENN DANZIG: It's not about Revelations. The whole first part of it is 
about Milton's Paradise Lost. The rest of it is all Celtic stuff.

lucifire death 666: What would you say to someone who wants to get into 
the rock business?

GLENN DANZIG: If you're talking about playing in a band, I'd make sure 
that you really want to play music.  Because the business end of it is a 
real pain in the ass, and can't be ignored. And you'll have to dedicate
most of your life to it, and give up a lot on the way to making it.

StygeanHue: How rare is Black Aria and is it still in print? I stole mine.

GLENN DANZIG: Up until these issues came out, it was pretty rare. It 
hadn't been out for about five years.

bax138: In "Horror Business" you say "Psycho 78" and in "Horror Biz" you 
say "Psycho 88." What do they mean and what's the difference?

GLENN DANZIG: I just changed the date! I just updated it with Samhain, 
because Samhain was in the '80s.

firemass13: Have you run into problems from companies because of the title 
of your new CD?

GLENN DANZIG: Yeah, of course. As a matter of fact, some places refuse to 
carry, promote, or display it.

Blackacidevil: Glenn, is Johnny Cash ever going to record "Come to Silver?"

GLENN DANZIG: I doubt it. Ask Johnny next time he's chatting at!

Twisted Cain: Would you let Chuck Biscuits draw some Verotik stories?


StygeanHue: The first release of Lusifuge, the cover unfolded into upside 
down crosses, what changed that in the remaster?

GLENN DANZIG: Rick Rubin did it without letting us know that he did it. 
Rick Rubin is a scumbag. He probably did it to save money, 'cos he's broke now.

Michael: What are you up to next Halloween?

GLENN DANZIG: I don't know yet.

Satanika: Glenn, will you ever do a reunion with old Danzig members for 
one tour ever again?


Twisted Cain: What did you do on New Year's Eve?


lucifire death 666: When did you first start playing guitar?

GLENN DANZIG: I guess when I was a teenager.

Killer Wolf: What kind of movie roles would you like to play?

GLENN DANZIG: Anything that's good. If the part is good and the movie's 
good, then that's cool. Obviously I'd gravitate more towards an anti-hero 
or villain character.

evilive: The masonic symbols on the back of 6:66. Do you consider yourself 
a mason in the sense that you placed layers of sounds on top of one another 
to create 6:66 in a way that a mason would lay bricks to build a wall?


MsDanzig: When did you find out you had this love for horror, and darker things?

GLENN DANZIG: Since I was a little kid.

StygeanHue: Glenn, are you a secret werewolf?

GLENN DANZIG: If I was, why would I tell you?

Cerberus: What is your favorite instrument of all those you've had the 
chance to work with?

GLENN DANZIG: I like the keyboard.

BiggieFry: Do you have a Web site?


herblckwngs: Do you ever feel that some of your fans are sub-human?

GLENN DANZIG: Maybe the people running things are sub-human, but not my fans.

MsDanzig: On the album cover for Danzig 4, there are some symbols there. 
What do they represent, and are they Greek?

GLENN DANZIG: No, they're Zehmic ruins. They spell out Danzig.

bver: Who would you like to tour with next?

GLENN DANZIG: At some point we'd like to take out Cradle of Filth in 
America. But I don't know if that will ever happen.

lunarvengeance: Will we ever see an acoustic performance from you?

GLENN DANZIG: Possibly. That's something that comes up all the time. We'll 
probably do something unplugged.  With a lot of ballads in one sitting.

chewbakka99: What's your take on the World Wide Web and the people who 
inhabit it?

GLENN DANZIG: It's just like everything. There's good and bad. Some people 
that inhabit it are really cool and some are assholes. Just like the real world.

Hecate: Are we ever going to be able to buy things from the Web site?

GLENN DANZIG: Hopefully. We've been updating it a lot lately. I fired 
the whole previous staff. We'll hopefully have a shopping cart so people 
can buy stuff.

RADU: Are you doing a festival sort of tour this summer?

GLENN DANZIG: We will be doing one in Europe.

lunarvengeance: Which languages do you fluently speak?

GLENN DANZIG: English. I speak a little German and a little Japanese.

lucifire death: Would you ever want to reform The Doors?

GLENN DANZIG: No. [Laughing] No, no, no.

Nivek: Any chance of Danzig 777 coming out next year?

GLENN DANZIG: Tentative schedule has 777 being released in 2001 - the REAL 
start of the Millenium. would like to thank Glenn Danzig for taking time out 
tonight to chat with us and all of the great fans who logged on tonight!

GLENN DANZIG: Thanks for sitting in and chatting. And thanks for all your 
support over the years. See you on tour!