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Unknown Source   Summer 1990

By Marina Zogbi

   "I think this will show more people that there's nothing to be
afraid of," laughs Glenn Danzig, regarding his band's new LP,
Danzig II - Lucifuge. The records fuller-sounding production and
impressive diversity of songs will no doubt appeal to a wider
audience than its predecessor, Danzig's self-titled debut.
However, still present are Glenn's passionate vocals and dark
lyrical visions, as well as John Christ's powerful and slightly
ominous guitarwork. One song that may surprise those who view
Danzig as glacial types is "Blood & Tears," a moving ballad and
one of Glenn's personal favorite cuts: "It's a pretty emotional
song, pretty powerful, I love it," he admits.
   "Her Black Wings," the LP's first single/video, was accepted
immediately and in it's entirety by MTV, which came as something
of a shock to Glenn. He'd been frustrated earlier by wranglings
with the video channel over censorship of clips from the first
album. Glenn believes their cooperation this year is "partly due
to the success of the home video... probably people calling MTV
requesting Danzig helped a lot also." Glenn's understandably
pleased with the popularity of Danzig, the video, which features
backstage and interview footage in addition to several uncensored
clips. Of "Her Black Wings," which he co-directed with Vincent
Giordano, Glenn says, "It came out really good, very dark and
moody." He's always put a lot of thought into the medium: "I
don't like to think of them from concept as promo videos, but as
little movies or featurettes."
   Danzig live has traditionally been quite a pulverizing
experience and the Lucifuge tour should prove no exception.
Interestingly, Danzig shows always draw a large number of women,
unusual for such a heavy band. Explains Glenn, "We come from a
different vibe than a lot of people; a lot of songs are very
emotional, very moody and I think women like that."
   The band will play "major cities across America" this month
with Soundgarden before heading to Japan ad Australia, a first
for Glenn, John, bassist Eerie Von and drummer Chuck Biscuits.
The singer looks forward to performing the new stuff. "Just from
rehearsal, I think it's going to be pretty wild," he predicts.