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Unknown Source, Summer 1990

Danzig Gets Retro

   Speaking of fellow inhabitants from the Super Mario Brothers plane of 
existence, along comes Lodi, N.J.'s Glenn Danzig. Presumptuously titled 
Danzig II: Lucifuge (Def American/Geffen), the ex-Misfits's sophomore solo 
outing finds Glenn ditching his Damned collection, settling down for a plate 
of Kentucky fried '70s retro with studio wunderkind Rick (Slayer) Rubin and 
coming away like Black Oak Arkansas on steriods. Unlike the pump-muscled 
riffarama of his eponymously titled '88 debut, the majority of 'Luciwhathis' 
material seems unfocused and plodding, lacking the raucous physicality this 
unit yields live. In short, it's decent, if confused. The fiery "Long Way 
Back From Hell" and melancholy "Devil's Plaything" are clear standouts.