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Danzig: 'Danzig'

  Metallica's hyperspeed hannnering couldn't have existed without hard-core
punk's oratory experiments in six-string velocity.  Glenn Danzig, however,
actually was a punk, with a cult band called the Misfits.  Under the
watchful eye of Rick Rubin, the rap/metal auteur who put the Led into the
Cult, Danzig has been reborn as a metal man, albeit a punky one, with a
band and an album (Def American/Geffen DEF 24208) that bear his last name.
  The band might better be called Rubin, though.  There's not much in these
10 perfectly presentable pounders that Rubin hasn't done with other bands,
unless you count Danzig's own flowers-of-evil songs, which recall the
pandering aspects of Jim Morrison that most Doors fans would just as soon
not recall.   Danzig (the band) is a mean, if predictable, little noise
machine, but the horror-flick song titles-"Not of This World," "Evil Thing"
and "Twist of Cain"-demonstrate why metal sells mostly to kids: because
anyone else would laugh himself silly.