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  P.O. Box 3608 * Los Angeles, CA 91407 * (213) 285-8064

  TO:         DANZIG Force Team Members

  FROM:       P.J.


  This letter is being sent to thank all of you who have written letters to the band expressing
  your interest in what happens next for DANZIG.  Well, what happens next is DANZIG II-

  DANZIG will be coming on strong in 1990 and receiving the exposure they deserve and
  should have received in the past.  For all of you that have called to volunteer your support,
  the band is very grateful that they have not been forgotten by their very strong fan base.

  Many of you have written because you believe this will be DANZIG's year to reach out to
  each and every one of you.  The band hopes to ban together the people who have believed
  in them in the past and reach out to new people in the future.

  The band and I believe that with this album they are going all the way to the top.

  Even with all the publicity the band has generated on this new album, we still need those of
  you who believe in the DANZIG.

  We will make DANZIG the band of the '90s and we believe we have a shot at it with your
  help and support.

  From the response we have received recently and the new names and addresses of new
  friends that many of you have sent who might want to become members of the DANZIG
  Force team, we appreciate the response and we feel we can do it.

  Enclosed is DANZIG's telephone number and address.  We will soon be sending promo
  stickers for everyone who responds to help with a copy of their tour schedule so you can
  know where they are at all times.

  We will keep you in touch with the band's flyers and and monthly newsletter.

  Glen, Eerie, John, Chuck and I promise to answer each letter personally while they are in
  town and when they are on the road they will try to write postcards.  The new album is
  scheduled to be released in July, 1990 and the first video "Her Black Wings" will be
  released on May 29,1990 a full month ahead of the album in order to give you something
  until the album is out on the streets.

  Believe me when I say that your help is appreciated by the band more than you know.

  Don't forget DANZIG Force Team Members, on May 29,1990 call Dial MTV and
  request "Her Black Wings".

  Until next month....